12MAY09 NYC Air Force One Flyover conspiracy?

The milblog "This Ain't Hell" is on to something here!

Here is a picture of the New York City flyover fiasco from Flikr user Istolethetv

I've cropped the image to have just the F-16 and Air Force One backup. I've highlighted the read tail. Why? Well, if you read "This Ain't Hell" or even the "Black Five" link, you'll already know that this leading to the point that those are Alabama Air National Guard F-16's from the 187th Fighter Group... However, the AL ANG site is down, possibly due to large volumes of traffic. There are a couple other squadrons that will paint tails red, but few like the ones pictured, in the US Air Force (a google image search will reveal others, like one Dutch Air Force squadron...)! Deployed they go to the standard all grey scheme. Lacking the actual Air Guard site, here is the Wikipedia page. What the 'conspiracy' theory is, that the fly over might have been a publicity stunt done in conjunction with Obama supporter George Lucas to support his Tuskegee Airmen movie project. So far, that is where the facts are pointing at the moment! Jake Trapper's Political Punch Blog on ABC News website is where we get confirmation that it was Alabama Air Guard's fighters doing the escort duty, it was in a letter to Senator McCain.

Interesting stuff. We'll wait and see what the FOIA request lead to as far as the $320,000 some odd of our tax dollars being spent on this fiasco.

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