Department of Homeland Security, "Right Wing Extremism" Fallout; 2 out of three things I wanted to see as a result have happened:
1. An apology from Janet Napolitano, even I didn't think the wording was sincere enough or strong enough of an apology...
2. Officially pulling the report!
3. Secretary Napolitano announcing her resignation, and proper administrative action taken to discipline the authors. So far, just the authors are facing discipline (as seen in the above article, read the link!). Now, Napolitano must step down.

98,000 Absentee Ballots Didn't Get Counted!
This is about 1/4th of the 400,000 absentee ballots submitted for the 2008 election. Most of them coming from the military, and the rest coming from US ex-pats living overseas! This is ridiculous.

IVAW, Iraq Vets Against the War, continues to lose credibility over fakes in the ranks. Go figure... I knew Army Sergeant was either ignorant of this continuing issue in IVAW or complicit when she said that IVAW makes sure they're membership is actual veterans; and really, there is nothing wrong with ignorance of this fact, its amazing how fare forgery can go when it comes to the DD-214 and people wanting government money and making political careers for themselves through the anti-war movement. This Ain't Hell exposes it all. While I'm not going to hold an individual member like Army Sergeant responsible for the actions of a member they might not know, I will hold IVAW responsible for failing to take action and just seeming to cover it up and ignore this kind of crap. First thing they need to do is very publicly crucify the fakes when they find them and remove them forcefully from they're ranks if they want to maintain any form of credibility as a veterans organization in general. Thus far, absolutely zero press releases exist on the IVAW site explaining what has occurred. NONE. Why am I so pissed? Well, I've got a good friend of mine that I was stationed with in Korea who is a real Iraq War Veteran who joined IVAW and I warned him about the fakes. I respect him very much and it pisses me off that the anti-war organization for veterans is plagued by fakes who have NO business there. In fact, I think IVAW needs to be scrapped and re-organized so that only veterans of Operation Iraq Freedom qualify. There has been fart too much scandal for them to continue in a viable manner, except of course for the far left blogs like Daily Kos who will take them at they're word believing every word an IVAW member says without thinking about if its true or not. I'd still be opposed to the organization if they were more credible, but at least I'd have some shred of respect for them as a whole if they were all like my buddy and vetted each other carefully to keep the kooks out!

I knew I missed something growing up not being in the Boy Scouts...

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