25MAY09 North Korea goes Nuclear, and other items on a busy Memorial Day

Go figure, but its finally happened. North Korea has gone nuclear, proving once again, all talks conducted by North Korea in the last few years if no the entire last couple of decades was just stalling for time and manipulation. Now would be a good time to just pull the plug on ALL FOOD aid which never gets to the population anyhow (and feeds the DPRK Special Forces stomachs). Oh yeah, and they tested some other missiles too... Guardian UK, and Bloomberg.

Meanwhile, in the Gulf of Aden, North Korea's partner in crime Iran sent six naval vessels into International Waters for the first time in its history. This after they tested a long range missile capable of hitting Israel, and parts of Europe... Israelis are getting the point, and over half of them support a strike on Iran, NOW! They do want to wait and see what the results of US diplomacy are going to be, but they aren't resting assured about that, 74% don't expect President Obama and his administration to be able to do anything... Hmm, kinda like me! Anyone else feeling stuck in the movie "Team America: World Police"?

Starbucks in New York City got a rude awakening, someone decided to put a bomb on a bench in front of the store. This is about the third time a bomb has gone off in Time Square. Apparently some anarchist types don't like Starbucks because they have 'global reach' and are therefore a blood sucking internationalist capitalist corporation bent on destroying the working class... Hey, don't these guys know, William Ayers loves Starbucks, and Barack Obama! But then, anarchists never make any sense anyway...

As usual, OPEC is out to screw us all. Don't worry, even though Alaska isn't a part of OPEC, we still get to pay out the nose more than the rest of the country, right here at the tap...

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