29MAY09 North Korea continues firing missiles...

Reuters reports this morning that North Korea has fired a short range missile for testing, also reported by Yonhap and Breitbart.

Obviously, sending messages to the world still. They know we are watching and purposely doing this to be watched, and they are doing the usual 'death to any imperialist capitalist nation that opposes us' saber rattling on the 'diplomatic' front. I'm sure the US forces in South Korea are on edge right now looking out for other signs that would point to some serious sparks flying in that powder keg peninsula...

Iran is blaming the US and Israel for a mosque bombing in Iran. Go figure! If something bad happens, just blame the US and Israel and the population will believe it... Then a day later in the same province a gunman opens fire on Ahmadinedad's Campaign Office. Blame hasn't been doled out on that one yet, but I suspect the US and Israel are going to be blamed there to. Silly dictator, you pissed off your people and don't expect to see the results?

Yet another female teacher has sex with a 14 year old male student in New York City. I wonder if she'll get the child molester treatment that the crime warrants, or if she'll get off easy because she is a woman (though since she's not as pretty as the well known Florida offender, she might get slammed harder). Sad but true... Its a well documented FACT that heterosexual public school teachers molest more students than Catholic Priests have ever done, yet the media continues to portray priests as the primary pedophiles. Just listen to comedians, and the hate comes out veiled in warped and twisted humor. Lay off the priests, and focus on the real problem, sicko public school teachers and the NEA that covers them.

The New Black Panter Party got a pass today from the Obama Administration. Remember that You Tube clip of the Black Panthers with sticks in front of the polling place? Well, all charges were dismissed. As long as you are a black radical, you can get away with voter intimidation!

Instead of utilizing existing agencies and resources more effectively, President Obama has decided to expand the bureaucracy in Washington DC (big surprise there) and declare a Cyber Czar. Why? Well to defend the nation's computer networks that is why! Of course, if Obama knew anything about the National Security Agency he might have just sought answers from them... But instead he just wants to create more government jobs with our tax dollars, and creates a redundant government position (which makes as little sense as DHS in my opinion). Since our Government insists on using Microsoft Windows and Outlook in critical networks like the FBI, they have to contend with some nasty and very common virus threats that all the anti-virus systems in the world can't snag until they've been around long enough for the anti-virus libraries to be updated! Imagine if the government had decided to stick to using UNIX based operating systems... They might be a tad more secure... Windows is the most hacked OS on the market, governments should seek to do the simplest, most cost effective, security measure; use something not always found on the open market but that has GUI like the most common OS on the market (kinda like any version of LINUX or MAC OS/X...). Then build security from there knowing that you aren't using the most hacked OS in the world. There are Enterprise versions of SUSE, Red Hat, and Ubuntu that are vastly more secure and stable than Microsoft Windows, and cost less...

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