Memorial Day, May 25 2009

Let us bow our heads in a moment of silence,

Let us remember our dead,

Let us remember the ones who gave all they had,

Let us remember the ones who lie in graves all but forgotten except for this day,

Let us remember the ones who lie in fields overseas still,

Let us pray that our fallen now find peace with their Creator,

Finally, let us celebrate their sacrifice, and do so in their Honor.

Memorial Day is to honor the Dead, Veterans Day to honor the Living.

Mudville Gazette, Argghh!

Also, take a moment to visit the Warrior Legacy Foundation website, they launched today! If you are Veteran, or non-Veteran, there is a place for you there to sign-up to show support.

Take some time today, and pray for the families of the fallen soldiers, from EVERY war before we begin the activities for today.

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