02JUN09 Crime, but not Domestic Terror, yet...

Scott Roder, who shot Abortion Doctor Tiller was charged with murder today, along with Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad who shot two US Army Recruiters in Little Rock Arkansas. It should be noted that Scott Roder has been classified as a 'domestic terrorist' by NOW and other liberal organizations, I however feel he's just a murderer (no matter how I feel about Tiller). Roder has some issues with mental health, and has many ties to some very extreme anti-government groups, in fact some of these people who were part of these movements were kinda freaked out by Roder sometimes... Regretfully, we'll likely see the DHS and other law enforcement agencies under the Obama DOJ start pushing more and more reports about 'Right Wing Extremism' based on Roder's actions...

...meanwhile, Muhammad's case could very well be a true case of Domestic Terror. Here we have an American, originally Carlos Leon Bledsoe, who converted to Islam who takes up Jihad. How?

"Muhammad was under "preliminary" investigation by the FBI's Joint Terrorism Task Force after visiting Yemen and being arrested there for using a Somali passport — even though he's a U.S. citizen."
FOX News

Recruitment. How he became radicalized prior to leaving country is something we need to find out. I strongly suspect terror ties to be discovered here, with connections to other radical Islamic terror groups overseas. This is domestic terror here. Roder is a criminal, who despite connections to various groups, acted of his own volition to commit an act of violence at an individual he hated. Muhammad (Bledsoe) is a terrorist, who in his travels overseas more than likely picked up some orders from outside groups bent on causing specific damage to instill fear and terror for a political purpose. Also, Muhammad isn't the first or the last, within the last decade his kind has grown by leaps and bounds beyond anything that Roder's old friends have ever produced.

On a lighter side, Windows 7 is coming out this holiday season, and after beta testing it I'm looking forward to it. Vista just sucked... However, Google isn't letting that happened un-opposed! Enter another Operating System for the the market to consider! ANDROID, based on Linux! That is exciting! I find it incredible and I certainly wish Google well, as a Linux and Mac OS/X user (as well as Windows) I'm happy to see another OS go and challenge Windows. Maybe the EU will back off Microsoft's case and let capitalism work. Linux is a great, stable, and free OS based off the old UNIX model, also based off of UNIX is Mac's OS/X. Linux and OS/X are darn near as hacker safe as you can get, while Windows is pretty easily compromised for the time being. Security and stability! I look forward to Android....

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