12JUN09 North Korea, and baseball bats...

Russia and China, reluctantly, now support more sanctions against DPRK (North Korea) in response to the latest nuke and missile tests (and rantings and ravings from the spoiled brat Chonger). Kim Chong Il, has found a successor, his 25 year old son.

In New Jersey, civilized as they are more so than us folks in Alaska, a 17 year old faces charges for using a baseball bat and Jeep to assault a 16 year old. But of course, we just a bunch of hicks, we'd just pull out our scatter guns and finish it... So, maybe they should seek to limit access to vehicles since they ARE deadlier than guns, and hurt kids more than guns...

You call that a good joke? Amateurs! When my Dad was in the Air Force working with satellites, he told me about a great prank they played on the Russians, well not him personally... However, at one base where they knew the Russians were watching from space, they made 12" Russian letters and put them on the roof to spell something much more vulgar! It caused an international incident... While confirming we knew the Russians were watching!

Obama fires Ameri Corps Inspector General? One who busted his buddy for using government grant money to get his car washed... Go figure, crony ism. What else do you expect in politics though?

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