16JUN09 Government rants...

Things I need to get off my chest (its a blog see, and thats what its here for see... capiche?).

Letterman needs to worry about Todd more than Sarah. I suspect he'll be staying away from Alaska (or at least as far as the max effective range of .50 BMG projectiles...). He finally apologized for being a 62 year old pervert joking about a 14 year old girl having sex and getting knocked up. I think the apology is good enough to keep his job, as long as he apologizes to Todd Palin in person for insulting his baby girls and takes his licks like a man. I'm a dad, a brother, and a husband. You get vulgar about my wife or if I have daughters, you will get socked or beat severely. You actually get physically vulgar, you will feasting on your own testicles... Nuff said. Perhaps if want a more polite society, the practice of dueling should become legal again... Or at least decriminalizing a father taking men like Letterman to the back alley for lesson in manners... Freedom of speech comes with a willingness to accept the consequences of your words.

Panetta is playing politics with the security of this country. Hopefully, Cheny's assumption, that he was misquoted is correct. Again, it seems that politics and pointing fingers at the 'evil past' is more important than doing your job. Panetta is just plain the wrong man for the job, they need a former operator from the CIA to be DCI and not a former politician. Politics in the CIA, and everywhere in the national security world, is what allowed 9/11/01 to become what it was (I think Gary Bernstein, author of "Jawbreaker" would be a good sound choice...).

The UK has determined that courts can strip bloggers anonymity... Which is quite worrisome, but considering the circumstances involving a police blogger and sensitive information regarding on going investigations (for us military/former military folks, OPSEC!) they ordered his identity be known. He faces reprimands now. Something to watch, while I almost can see the courts decision making sense, this could easily be abused by the wrong people in the UK.

Worst of the Worst. A fine example of the need for the death penalty. Nuff said.

Obama and Bush, no transparency regarding White House visitor logs. Well, its good to actually see MSNBC outraged by this move from the Obama Administration. It would be wise for the Obama Administration to release this if they want to continue pushing the idea that they are more transparent than they're predecessors...

ABC is giving the Obama Administration the Democratic House and Senate free air time, devoid of any Republican opposition points of view, to promote they're health plan. My only problem is that they are doing it for free when they need to charge the DNC money for use of air time for political adds. Since they have no opposing points of view, they can't pass it off as a debate or objective journalism now can they?

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