22JUN09 Color is boring...

...stick to other black and white techniques!

I'm working on a new project, and its sapping some sanity:

Really, I'm horrible with color theory and painting. In fact, I've laid off of digital art for that reason the last couple weeks. I've been drawn back to black and white ink using various techniques like Stippling and Cross Hatching. Both are old fashioned print making techniques employed by master artists such as Virgil Finlay. However, I'm nowhere near that level of mastery. For that, check out the work of Bobby Kro or head to the library and pick up a volume of Virgil Finlay's work. I've also found an interesting correlation between these two masters of the dot and hatch, they are both veterans (Finlay US Army at the battle of Okinawa during WWII, and Kro USMC Vietnam)... Must be proof that mastery comes with the work ethic the military instills!

However, as painstaking as the techniques can be, they allow for absolutely incredible black and white effects that, in my not at all humble opinion, blow away color work. That and I'm a sucker for publishable artwork, and nothing is easier to publish than good ol' black and white line and dot work! Somehow I can wrap my brain around these techniques better than I can color, yet where I run into trouble is having the patience to be able to sit and put thousands, to hundreds of thousands, of dots on a sheet of paper instead of lines... That or hundreds to thousands of tiny lines for hatching! However, if I get this done, it'll be well worth the effort.

I might even put up as an entry in the Tananna Valley State Fair, if they decide to let us carry concealed on the fair grounds. Last year, the idiots about tore the place up and tried to scare families away by acting like gang bangers. Time to put a stop to that and either arm the security personnel, or let us carry like the law says we can (private property owners can set limits however, and Tananna Valley State Fair has...).

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