22JUL09 Begich's people respond day of....

....of course, its mostly form and tells me nothing. But I get the general impression that he's going to vote "Yes" on her confirmation based on the email back. This was in response to my email sent today (and can be read on this post). A simple answer would be better, but then maybe my email will be part of the breeze that blows his vote to "NO"...

Dear Mr. Sutherland:

Thank you for contacting me regarding the nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to be an Associate Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court. As a United States Senator, I take my constitutional role to advise and consent to nominees of a President very seriously. In particular, the decision to confirm men and women to life-tenured position on our federal courts is not one I take lightly.

Unlike appointees to federal agencies who serve at the pleasure of the President, federal judges cannot be removed from office except for cause, and then only by impeachment by the House of Representatives and trial by the Senate. Although this rule applies even to federal trial level judges, nominees to be Supreme Court justices, because their decisions can have such widespread impact, require the highest level of scrutiny.

Whomever fills the position vacated by the retirement of Justice David Souter should have his or her education, legal training, and work experience closely examined. It is incumbent on the Senate to determine whether the nominee displays the appropriate judicial temperament for the job. The nominee must consistently and fairly apply the law, and must show him or herself capable of approaching decisions without any particular ideology or agenda.

Judge Sotomayor has nearly three decades of legal experience as a prosecutor, private attorney and federal judge at the trial and appellate levels. Her nomination has broad support from Americans of varied judicial and political philosophies. Judge Sotomayor was first appointed to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York by a Republican, President George H.W. Bush, in 1992. Subsequently, she was nominated to fill a vacancy on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit by a Democrat, President Bill Clinton, in 1998. Judge Sotomayor's decisions have shown her to be a moderate, judicious jurist, and she has repeatedly upheld property, personal privacy and free speech rights.

I had a productive discussion with Judge Sotomayor last month which provided an opportunity to raise some of the issues of concern to the state including Alaskans' strong belief in the Second Amendment, the prominent role of Alaska Natives and native corporations in our state, and the careful balance between development and environmental protection. I found Judge Sotomayor extremely intelligent, willing to learn and very grounded in the law. I am following her confirmation hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee closely, as well as reviewing her full record to understand more fully her experience and judicial philosophy, although from what I have learned so far, it is obvious that Judge Sotomayor has demonstrated an impressive intellectual capacity and an appreciation for how the law impacts the lives of American families.

In addition to her extensive legal experience, Judge Sotomayor has a compelling personal story. Growing up in New York City public housing, Judge Sotomayor lost her father at an early age, and was raised and educated by her mother, who often worked two jobs to pay for her children's parochial school tuition. Despite modest beginnings, Judge Sotomayor went on to excel academically at two of the nation's top universities, a testament to her exceptional dedication, impressive intellect, and hard work.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with me, and please do not hesitate to contact my office in the future.

Mark Begich
U.S. Senator

22JUL09 Baby sitting the government... Again...

Well, I'm glad the Republicans delayed any confirmation of Judge Sonya Sotymayor. I sent both my Senators a fairly long letter about why they shouldn't vote for someone who doesn't think the 2nd Amendment extends to everyone in EVERY state and that any state that restricts it sets a dangerous precedent that threatens free speech and religion at the state level (just look at Connecticut...).

Here is what I wrote (I'm sure like the last few times, Murkowski will respond and Begich will likely not, I'll keep that in mind for the next election Senator!):


I write to you today to inform you of why you should vote “NO” on the appointment of Judge Sonia Sotomayor to the US Supreme Court.

Judge Sotomayor's ruling that the 2nd Amendment doesn't apply to States follows a very common progressive thinking method that follows the line of defense employed by the pro-segregation movement of the 1960's. The idea that States have the right to overstep the limits imposed on government by the Bill of Rights. What is most disturbing is here 2004 ruling in which she stated: "the right to possess a gun is clearly not a fundamental right." Of which, Heller vs. DC decided otherwise.

If a Judge can rationalize that kind of decision in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, most especially if we read our Founding Fathers intent in writing the Constitution and Bill of Rights in Federalist No. 29 by Hamilton, than what is to stop such Judicial Activism from allowing States to restrict the 1st Amendment Rights of free speech and freedom to worship?

If one reads Alexander Hamilton's Federalist No. 29, one finds rather clearly the intent of the 2nd Amendment, and it has little if anything to do with hunting or sport shooting (as our ancestors had little time for sport shooting!), instead it clearly establishes that the people have a right to arm themselves for security from both foreign enemies, and domestic enemies (be they gangs, thugs, or even the Federal Government). Where do I pick up this line of thinking? Well, lets take a look at Federalist No. 29 and some key points made throughout the paper:

“Little more can reasonably be aimed at, with respect to the people at large, than to have them properly armed and equipped; and in order to see that this be not neglected, it will be necessary to assemble them once or twice in the course of the year.”

Clearly, this isn't about hunting or sport shooting, but about maintaining a Militia standard among the populace at large. Later laws, such of the Militia Act of 1792 were enacted to support this (that law required each able bodied male to purchase and maintain their own equipment from the musket and shot, to the bandoleer to carry it, it also established cavalry standards, and standards for officers, and the requirement for all able bodied men to sign in with a local militia officer in the event of call up).

However, they understood that not every military age male would be able to fulfill this obligation at all times:

`”But though the scheme of disciplining the whole nation must be abandoned as mischievous or impracticable; yet it is a matter of the utmost importance that a well-digested plan should, as soon as possible, be adopted for the proper establishment of the militia. The attention of the government ought particularly to be directed to the formation of a select corps of moderate extent, upon such principles as will really fit them for service in case of need. By thus circumscribing the plan, it will be possible to have an excellent body of well-trained militia, ready to take the field whenever the defense of the State shall require it. This will not only lessen the call for military establishments, but if circumstances should at any time oblige the government to form an army of any magnitude that army can never be formidable to the liberties of the people while there is a large body of citizens, little, if at all, inferior to them in discipline and the use of arms, who stand ready to defend their own rights and those of their fellow-citizens. This appears to me the only substitute that can be devised for a standing army, and the best possible security against it, if it should exist.”

Again, its obvious to me the intent of the Constitution and Bill of Rights based on a careful study of the Federalist Papers, and in particularly No. 29 by Alexander Hamilton that the 2nd Amendment is written to limit the Federal and State Government from restrictions on gun ownership by law abiding citizens! Any Judge, or Attorney General, who believes otherwise is not worthy to hold such positions of authority. Our Founders wanted to ensure no one power could suppress the freedom of the American people in the manner of the King ever again (subjects did not carry swords, it was illegal; unless they swore fealty to a Lord and were of noble rank, which we have done away with since 1781!).

“There is something so far-fetched and so extravagant in the idea of danger to liberty from the militia, that one is at a loss whether to treat it with gravity or with raillery; whether to consider it as a mere trial of skill, like the paradoxes of rhetoricians; as a disingenuous artifice to instil prejudices at any price; or as the serious offspring of political fanaticism. Where in the name of common-sense, are our fears to end if we may not trust our sons, our brothers, our neighbors, our fellow-citizens? What shadow of danger can there be from men who are daily mingling with the rest of their countrymen and who participate with them in the same feelings, sentiments, habits and interests? What reasonable cause of apprehension can be inferred from a power in the Union to prescribe regulations for the militia, and to command its services when necessary, while the particular States are to have the SOLE AND EXCLUSIVE APPOINTMENT OF THE OFFICERS? If it were possible seriously to indulge a jealousy of the militia upon any conceivable establishment under the federal government, the circumstance of the officers being in the appointment of the States ought at once to extinguish it. There can be no doubt that this circumstance will always secure to them a preponderating influence over the militia.”

War is complex and critical to the security of this nation, and the need for a professional and full time Federal military is obvious, the need for a Reserve is also apparent. A split control National Guard to bolster the Federal and each State in times of need has proven its worth time and again. However, that never was meant to completely replace the State Guard (and State Defense Forces) that each State still has the authority maintain, and the need of those units to be able to purchase firearms, ammunition, body armor, and other equipment out of their own pockets in accordance with the standards set by the Federal government (first in the Militia act of 1792...). Any further restrictions on the ability to purchase 'assault' rifles, semi-auto hand guns, and even body armor (while not obvious) is a threat to National Security and as slap in the face to the Founding Fathers. As a member of the Alaska State Defense Force, the unit that has continued to protect Alaska in the fashion of the Alaska Territorial Guard (deactivated in 1946, re organized as a State Defense Force in 1986), I find it hard enough as it is to maintain my equipment, and in particularly my ammunition supply to be able to answer the call of the Governor of the State of Alaska in the event of a call up. Currently we are organized to bolster the Alaska State Troopers, and our unit has carried out missions in support of Homeland Security (such as in 2001 guarding the Port of Valdez and sections of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline). I find the views of Judge Sotomayor disturbing from the vantage point of security to the state of Alaska, and the United States as whole should she and others of similar mind decide that one of the most important amendments to the Constitution (important enough to be on the first 10 in the Bill of Rights!) “not apply to the states” or not apply at all to the People. Based on the quotes from the Federalist Papers, its obvious who the “People” are considered in the wording of the 2nd Amendment, it should be obvious that “People” and “Militia” are ONE.


Michael J. Sutherland


18JUL09 Don't mess with the IG...

Inspector Generals are a unique breed in the US Government. The last thing anyone with a brain wants to do is step on their toes lest they quote the rule book and find 10,001 clerical and procedural errors in your organization. They can be as fun as Spanish Inquisitors (NOBODY EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION!). They also cannot be removed unless they commit a crime. You just don't go and fire an IG just because you don't like him. In fact, that law is there because NOBODY (who works for the government) likes the IG, and thats the way its meant to be! President Barrack Obama, is soon going to learn this lesson, and if he ordered it, I strongly believe that it could lead to impeachment. But then, when you appoint the Attorney General, and others in government... However, no one is above the law, in fact thats what Inspector Generals are there to remind everyone working in government of.

"Obama hastily removed Walpin after a board meeting in May in which, the White House says, he was "unduly disruptive," and exhibited a "lack of candor" in providing information to decision makers.

Walpin has emphatically disputed the charge, calling it baseless. Walpin believes his firing was a result of bad blood between him and the board over his investigation of Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, an Obama supporter, for alleged misuse of federal funds."

One reason I don't like Ameri-Corps right now, that and other personal reasons.

CBS and Anchorman Legend Walter Cronkite died yesterday at age 92. A long, very successful life. My prayers are with his family.

However, like many others, his career was bitter sweet to us. He did many good things in the world of creating television news. He did bad things to it by injecting his beliefs into during the Vietnam War, and in the 1990's using his influence to advocate liberal bias in the media. On the other hand, in the 21st Century, this has led to the rise of Bloggers and the New Media...


16JUL09 Borough Assembly Meeting, public testimony...

...I went to the first half hour or so of tonight's Assembly Meeting that was open to the public at 6 PM. I'd venture to guess that at first there were 30 people in red or blue, and the crowd continued to grow at quarter till. Vehicle after vehicle filled the lot until we went in. Even as the meeting started people in red, blue, and other attire (clearly coming from work) filled the Assembly Chambers. I was in the back, and there was pretty much standing room only and the hall was half full. I suspect there were from 75 to 100 people by 6:05. All of them opposed to Resolution No. 2009-26, the MOU between the Borough and ADEC, paving the way to restrictive regulation of solid fuel heating sources (wood, pellets, and coal; in furnace or stove form).

The first comments went to a local business owner who had invested about $50,000 in heating equipment for his shop and another local resident. When testimony was given, the Assembly was offered the opportunity to ask questions. Only Assembly Woman Tammie Wilson had a question, and she asked the business owner the impact any forceable change of heating would have on his labor force. The business owner definitely would have to cut jobs. Our Assembly played games, or sat with glazed eyes barely acknowledging anything being said. Of particular note, Borough Mayor Jim Whitaker, and Assemblymen Luke Hopkins and Mike Musick, sat bored and seemed to have already determined that they know better than us. Whitaker, if you recall, flew to Denver to endorse Barrack Obama... He know's his career here is over, and as far as all of are concerned, he stopped representing us a long time ago. Musick and Hopkins, are both prior board members of the Northern Environmental Center, and have pretty clear agendas regarding us little folk.

Another little game they played, radio show host, Michael Dukes was lined up as #25 on the citizens to testify list, and was called in third; knowingly. Who ever decided to play these games, did so to try and squelch his testimony knowing full well he had to come from his job at the radio station where he was wrapping up a show with a time slot from 4 PM to 6 PM. Obviously another political maneuver.

After about half an hour, my 15 month old decided it was time to leave, so I collected my three year old and the stuff they'd strewn about and departed. As I was departing, I noticed at least five more people dressed in red coming strait in off of work...

...a rabble?! Sure, its obvious that we normal people look that way to the well dressed, manicured, members of the Assembly sitting across the room from us. There was Dave the miner, there was Michael Dukes the radio personality, there was Rick Sikma the minister, Schaffer Cox the contractor, there was Gloria the retired lady, and many others. Many were wearing what they wore to work all day. Hands dirty with oil under the finger nails and all. Hard working Americans, who have prepared for a long hard winter by harvesting wood, stockpiling coal and pellets. People who took a winters worth of fuel oil money and put it all down on a new furnace or stove that in the long run will save them money so they continue to survive here. People who aren't afraid to get up early in January in -50 and split wood or shovel coal into a furnace. When you work so damn hard to survive, you have every right to be angry, and I dare say, almost up and arms when a select group of suits decides arbitrarily to lay the foundations for banning your means of warming your home in one of the coldest environments on planet earth.

16JUL09 40 Years Ago...

We fulfilled the dream set by President Kennedy on May 25th 1961 "I believe that this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the Moon and returning him safely to the Earth."

So, I think this was the crowning achievement of NASA, and the United States, and quite possibly the world in way of exploration.

I'll save some my other NASA gripes for later, today we remember the achievement, tomorrow we'll talk on following it up.


15JUL09 Home Invasion in Florida...

Fox Story

So the individual responsible planned this for 30 days in advance. They are quick to note that one of the members, soon to be former Staff Sergeant Donnie Ray Stallworth, was in the military and deployed to Afghanistan five times since 2002. The tone in which they use, almost strikes me as if they are attempting to vindicate Janet Napolitano's DHS Right Wing Extremism report. Its also interesting to note, that Stallworth with with an AMU, or Aircraft Maintenance Unit. Why is this important to note? Because as such, his combat training would be limited to Security Forces Augmentee duties and the like; nothing like the specialized training more combat oriented career fields would receive. Just another bad apple. I find the quote 'Perfectly Executed Murders' ridiculous, because perfection would have involved a manhunt continuing and the suspects getting away clean.

15JUL09 Wood continued...

Assembly Woman Nadine Winters has finally responded after a second email (with a cartoon attached...):

"Mr. Sutherland,
Just to clarify, this resolution does not ban solid fuel boilers or take any other specific action. The resolution/MOU give the borough the lead on the PM 2.5 issue. A governmental entity will enforce the requirements of the Clean Air Act, either federal, state or local. I believe the borough will be far more responsive to residents needs than the state. Any action on wood boilers or wood stoves or anything else must come later through an ordinance. The borough administration is working on an ordinance which will come out in late July.
Thank you for you comments,
Nadine "

Well, I'm finally getting more response!


14JUL09 Wood, Renewable, Reliable Energy since 5000 B.C.

My motivator about the most reliable, and renewable, energy sources on the market today. Yes, its also a great slogan and graphic for standing outside the Fairbanks North Star Borough Assembly meeting this Thursday at 6 PM local...

...I could probably stick and Evil Conservative Industries emblem on it too!

Here is our Fairbanks Daily News Miner ("crossword and fish wrap") article, no bias what so ever. Never mind the fact Borough is the size of New Jersey and all the sensors were located in downtown Fairbanks, by the river, at the bottom of a valley...


13JUL09 That oh so secret CIA plan Congress didn't know about...

...was a plan to kill top Al-Qaeda leadership with a team of assassins. Thing is, it never really got going. It never left the planning stage. No personnel were assigned due to lack of targets. So Congress didn't learn about something still on the drawing board. One source said former VP Cheny told them to delay notifying Congress, might have had something to do with the fact it was just a draft of a plan, and not a plan, and never made it into the operations phase. But since Nancy wants to make the CIA look like they deceived her, they go off about it to the press.

Way to kill the initiative of an organization plagued by micromanagers already. Whatever happened to the Centralized Planning, Decentralized Execution? If the Centralized Plan never really formed, they never had to worry about it hitting the Execution now did they? Why bother reporting on a plan for a plan? But then with Leon Panetta and Nancy Pelosi in power, just giving a legal opinion should be enough for Eric Holder to prosecute you.

17JUL09 My letter to the FNSB Mayor and Assembly, about furnaces.

Dear Fairbanks North Star Borough Mayor and Assembly,

I a deeply concerned citizen, deeply concerned that I may soon be unable to live here do the onerous restrictions being IMPOSED on me and my family regarding air quality standards coming down from the EPA (standards made to be a 'one size fits all' mold that disregards the climate, terrain, and seasonal events unique to Interior Alaska, and I daresay many other counties, cities, and states across the nation as well).

Last year my fuel estimate for a pre-paid plan was near $8500.00 dollars in September. I had to cancel that plan and rely on the ability to go month to month due to the costs. I purchased a coal/wood/pellet outdoor furnace for $8200.00 (not counting the installation) to be able to reduce my need for fuel oil. Its only July, and already we are nearing the $3.00 a gallon cost for a gallon of fuel, I imagine that by winter it will be much worse. I cannot rely on fuel oil as a economical fuel source (unless I intend to starve my children and myself to do so). With coal maintaining a fairly steady cost per ton, and being surrounded by the renewable energy source that grows back time and again, along with with being able to purchase and use pellets, I believed I would be able to survive the with the furnace I purchased.

I believed it until I heard about discussions of changing the Vehicle IM program into a particulate control program that would severely restrict my ability to use my new furnace that I have invested in. If particulates are a concern, one needs to inform Mother Nature that the forest fires currently filling our Borough with particulates to the point of the EPA warning people to stay inside and shut windows (of which many of us cannot, we cant afford air conditioning) is unacceptable. If the Borough can enforce its regulation by going after the biggest polluter, Mother Nature, than maybe I might see this as somewhat 'reasonable'. However, since the EPA disregards the forest fires here in Alaska, and the particulates in the atmosphere filtering in from the fires in Siberia, any following of the EPA standards would be as flawed as the standards themselves.

Unless of course, you all work for the oil companies that would like nothing more than mandatory regulations requiring all residents to purchase their products, be it fuel oil, propane, or natural gas. Or maybe you work for PETA and seek to depopulate this state starting with me and my family by making it so that only the people who can afford it can remain here. I hope both these are ridiculous to you, and I do mean them in good jest, however its hard to laugh when you are as stressed as I am about just making ends meet.

My wife and I both work very hard, and are still struggling just to survive; and she's a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, not exactly a mundane job with a low salary. We live in a five star rated (based on Lower 48 construction standards...) 1776 square foot home and have two children and are hoping we can afford more. We have insulated to the point of budgeting at least $200.00 annually to the materials (6 mil thickness clear plastic, insulation strips, double sided tape, etc...) for all the doors and windows, along with not using the garage. Every step was taken to reduce costs, yet we barely scrapped by. We are down, and you have the audacity to kick us while we are trying to recover.

I know I am not alone in this regard. I know very well there are families vacating this area, some just abandoning homes. Some are just getting ready to face your employees who will come to their doors if you pass such regulation. We are in a crisis nationally, people have few places to turn to, and the economic hardships they face may cause them to act in desperation across the country, especially when faced with -40 degree temperatures. Such desperation could possibly lead to armed rebellion if the governments do not come to grips the reality of the average person who is struggling to merely exist. By restricting the ability of an Alaskan to heat his home, you threaten his very livelihood. If its not politically popular to leave him alone, then maybe you should accept the un-popular decision of supporting him by very simply leaving him alone. Actions that threaten another human beings home and livelihood based on junk science or one size fits all EPA regulations moves into the realm of violating basic Human Rights. When governments refuse to acknowledge that, they invite the spirit of discord, and open rebellion.

This is exactly how I feel. I am not a radical, I'm merely trying to ensure that my family can continue to live and work and be productive members of this community. If you make such onerous regulations, I'm positive my family and I can afford to just pick up and take our tax dollars to a completely different state. However, knowing this community, for every one of me who can leave, I know there are several who cannot, and more and more I hear the ideas of taking to the streets with pitchforks and torches. Why? Because its really starting to seem that nobody at any level of Government, be it National, State, or Local is listening to us.

Stop being 'policy makers' and 'rulers' and remember that you are Public Servants, and we the public are your masters.

Michael J. Sutherland

So far, I've only got two responses back, from Tammie Wilson and Tim Beck on the Borough Assembly. I sent this 08JUL09.

Here is Tammie's response:
"Dear Michael,

Thank you for your letter. I to am concerned that we will negatively impact not just our residents but our businesses. I truly believe that our course of action should be to work with the state in getting a gas pipeline or affordable electric. I appreciate you taking out your time to explain your personal circumstances and how this resolution will affect you and your family.

Tammie Wilson"

Here is Tim Beck's respons:
"Michael Thank you for your comments. Tim Beck"

For the record, Tammie will have my vote from now on!


12JUL09 Abortion; population control- Progressive Fascism at its worst.

I've ranted about Margaret Sanger and here Hitler worship and association with the KKK before, now check out Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's comments about Abortion: http://www.cnsnews.com/public/content/article.aspx?RsrcID=50819

"Q. Are you talking about the distances women have to travel because in parts of the country, abortion is essentially unavailable, because there are so few doctors and clinics that do the procedure? And also, the lack of Medicaid for abortions for poor women?

Justice Ginsburg: Yes, the ruling about that surprised me. Frankly, I had thought that at the time Roe was decided, there was concern about population growth and particularly growth in populations that we don’t want to have too many of. So that Roe was going to be then set up for Medicaid funding for abortion. Which some people felt would risk coercing women into abortions when they didn’t really want them. But when the Court decided McRae, the case came out the other way. And then I realized that my perception of it had been altogether wrong.”

The comment suggested Ginsburg eventually changed her mind and concluded that Roe was not decided with the idea that abortion could be used to limit "growth in populations we don't want to have too many of." But she did not qualify her position that the policy enacted under the case put an unacceptable burden on poor women."

Oh, and this is also noted by the U.K. Telegraph also, they don't mince the words either! The OPED is entitled "What the Hell Did Ruth Bader Ginsburg Mean When She Linked Abortion and Eugenics!".


Alaska loses a good Blogger!

I suppose the State will have no choice but to re-instate his license!

Robert Gilcrease who runs The Squirrel Cam and The Great Alaskan Squirrel Cam will be leaving his Permafrost Ranch and returning to the Lower 48. Sadly, we in North Pole lose one of our best bloggers who maintained an internet traffic following of thousands on a daily basis!

I also knew Mr. Gilcrease quite well in the KFAR chat room as "npolyte". He has always provided a unique point of view and debated with class whenever we disagreed on various issues!

We'll miss you, and we wish you safe travels and look forward to seeing where you setup next!



North Korea launched its own fireworks display this last weekend, seven ballistic missiles to include an improved SCUD. As usual, strong word backed by NOTHING from the UN:

"U.N. Ambassador Ruhakana Rugunda, who holds the 15-member council's rotating presidency, said the council members "condemned and expressed grave concern" at the missile launches, which violated U.N. resolutions and "pose a threat to regional and international security." The council is committed to a "peaceful, diplomatic and political solution" to the situation, he said."

Once again, I feel as if we are actually living out the movie "Team America: World Police"... I can see the Chonger singing about loneliness...

My prayers go out to the missing serviceman in Afghanistan, the Taliban claims to have captured an American. Proof hasn't come forth to confirm this however, yet this is a grim reminder of what that black flag is that we have hanging beneath Old Glory. We will NOT FORGET YOU!

Several States Departments of 'Corrections' have some explaining to do. Especially to the five families of the victims in South Carolina of Patrick Burris. The guy had a rap sheet 25 pages long, and had just been released on parole...


03JUL09 Sometimes you gotta wonder...

Gov. Palin will resign at the end of the month. Political maneuvering? I'd have preferred to see her finish the job and just not run for re-election...

And you can't beat this for motivation! A Marine recovered from an IED attack a while back and has just done a 100 mile Ultra-Marathon (proving his doctors who thought he'd never walk again completely wrong...). Keith Zeier completed this grueling race on 01JUL09 (at least thats the date the article came out), he lost 21 pounds during the course of the race, though I'm sure running 100 miles carrying 300 lbs of brass testicles can produce that kind of sweat...

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