North Korea launched its own fireworks display this last weekend, seven ballistic missiles to include an improved SCUD. As usual, strong word backed by NOTHING from the UN:

"U.N. Ambassador Ruhakana Rugunda, who holds the 15-member council's rotating presidency, said the council members "condemned and expressed grave concern" at the missile launches, which violated U.N. resolutions and "pose a threat to regional and international security." The council is committed to a "peaceful, diplomatic and political solution" to the situation, he said."

Once again, I feel as if we are actually living out the movie "Team America: World Police"... I can see the Chonger singing about loneliness...

My prayers go out to the missing serviceman in Afghanistan, the Taliban claims to have captured an American. Proof hasn't come forth to confirm this however, yet this is a grim reminder of what that black flag is that we have hanging beneath Old Glory. We will NOT FORGET YOU!

Several States Departments of 'Corrections' have some explaining to do. Especially to the five families of the victims in South Carolina of Patrick Burris. The guy had a rap sheet 25 pages long, and had just been released on parole...

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