13JUL09 That oh so secret CIA plan Congress didn't know about...

...was a plan to kill top Al-Qaeda leadership with a team of assassins. Thing is, it never really got going. It never left the planning stage. No personnel were assigned due to lack of targets. So Congress didn't learn about something still on the drawing board. One source said former VP Cheny told them to delay notifying Congress, might have had something to do with the fact it was just a draft of a plan, and not a plan, and never made it into the operations phase. But since Nancy wants to make the CIA look like they deceived her, they go off about it to the press.

Way to kill the initiative of an organization plagued by micromanagers already. Whatever happened to the Centralized Planning, Decentralized Execution? If the Centralized Plan never really formed, they never had to worry about it hitting the Execution now did they? Why bother reporting on a plan for a plan? But then with Leon Panetta and Nancy Pelosi in power, just giving a legal opinion should be enough for Eric Holder to prosecute you.

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