15JUL09 Home Invasion in Florida...

Fox Story

So the individual responsible planned this for 30 days in advance. They are quick to note that one of the members, soon to be former Staff Sergeant Donnie Ray Stallworth, was in the military and deployed to Afghanistan five times since 2002. The tone in which they use, almost strikes me as if they are attempting to vindicate Janet Napolitano's DHS Right Wing Extremism report. Its also interesting to note, that Stallworth with with an AMU, or Aircraft Maintenance Unit. Why is this important to note? Because as such, his combat training would be limited to Security Forces Augmentee duties and the like; nothing like the specialized training more combat oriented career fields would receive. Just another bad apple. I find the quote 'Perfectly Executed Murders' ridiculous, because perfection would have involved a manhunt continuing and the suspects getting away clean.

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