18JUL09 Don't mess with the IG...

Inspector Generals are a unique breed in the US Government. The last thing anyone with a brain wants to do is step on their toes lest they quote the rule book and find 10,001 clerical and procedural errors in your organization. They can be as fun as Spanish Inquisitors (NOBODY EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION!). They also cannot be removed unless they commit a crime. You just don't go and fire an IG just because you don't like him. In fact, that law is there because NOBODY (who works for the government) likes the IG, and thats the way its meant to be! President Barrack Obama, is soon going to learn this lesson, and if he ordered it, I strongly believe that it could lead to impeachment. But then, when you appoint the Attorney General, and others in government... However, no one is above the law, in fact thats what Inspector Generals are there to remind everyone working in government of.

"Obama hastily removed Walpin after a board meeting in May in which, the White House says, he was "unduly disruptive," and exhibited a "lack of candor" in providing information to decision makers.

Walpin has emphatically disputed the charge, calling it baseless. Walpin believes his firing was a result of bad blood between him and the board over his investigation of Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson, an Obama supporter, for alleged misuse of federal funds."

One reason I don't like Ameri-Corps right now, that and other personal reasons.

CBS and Anchorman Legend Walter Cronkite died yesterday at age 92. A long, very successful life. My prayers are with his family.

However, like many others, his career was bitter sweet to us. He did many good things in the world of creating television news. He did bad things to it by injecting his beliefs into during the Vietnam War, and in the 1990's using his influence to advocate liberal bias in the media. On the other hand, in the 21st Century, this has led to the rise of Bloggers and the New Media...

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