31AUG09 Uniform Issues...

The Marines started it by making digital fatigues... They wanted to be different, again, even at the expense of not being able to blend in with the Army in a Joint Environment. They have a great pattern, and they blend into the environment well; however, you'll be able spot the Marines from the Soldiers easily. If you are a sniper intent on killing Marines, you'll be able to pick targets better...

Then the Army got their ACU's online. Those of us working with the 172nd SBCT were issued these for our deployment during a Rapid Fielding Initiative in FEB 2005 (described here briefly) only to have the Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force get angry about "His Airmen wearing an Army uniform". This almost resulted in us deploying in DCU's while our Army counterparts were wearing ACU's (an old Sesame Street song comes to mind "One of these is not like the other." and if you have a radio on your back on top of that you scream 'I'm IMPORTANT, just shoot me Mr. Sniper').

Finally, the Air Force now forces all Airmen to wear the Airman Barracks Uniform, I mean Airman Battle Uniform or ABU. Tiger Stripe Products designed some good ones, but ended up designing that crappy one we all see today (Tiger Stripe Products page). What galls me about the ABU? Well here is the apology of the folks who engineered it:

"Airman Battle Uniform... an advanced BATTLE uniform?

Note to the ranks: When we started the uniform project in 2002, USAF Leadership informed us that 97% of AF personnel did not need a battle uniform but rather a barracks utility work uniform. Leadership ultimately received exactly what they asked for. The resulting uniform is that barracks utility work uniform.

The name actually does apply if one takes into consideration the battle activity that USAF Leadership says is the mission of the majority of today's Air Force. As determined by USAF Leadership, advanced Battle features like easy entry slanted chest, arm, and leg cargo pockets, elbow and knee padding pockets, improved neck closure to keep debris out and to protect from body armor, gusseted shoulders for ease of movement, and most importantly... an authentic Battle ready advanced pixilated Tiger Stripe pattern and colorway are not needed for the 21st century U.S. Air Force.

Besides making the connection between the Air Force and the pattern; why is blue one of the pattern colors? Besides the sky or ocean, how often does the color blue occur in deserts, forests, jungles, or urban settings? This uniform does not seem to fit the definition of an advanced battle uniform. This is evidently a new style of battle uniform.

We're sorry. We wished we had the opportunity to give you an authentic battle uniform with all the relevant features plus an effective camouflage design. At the very least you could have had a uniform with a State-of-the-Art pixilated Tiger Stripe pattern and colorway unlike what was chosen.

The men and women of the Air Force have our undying support for the difficult jobs that you all perform for our country. Is this new adopted camouflage and uniform design an Airman Battle Uniform or an Airman Barracks Uniform? Maybe it's just according to your own definition. Judge for yourself."

Finally, our troops in Afghanistan have found the ACU pattern lacking and are in dire need of a better pattern (Multi-Cam...). So it seems we are back to where we were decades ago. History repeats itself. DoD really just needs to accept the fact that several camouflage patterns will be needed for varying environments (until the day comes and we can build 'chameleon' cloth suits or cloaking devices...). That and for a joint fighting environment, DoD should come down to decide on what that pattern will be. If the Marines want to stick an Eagle Globe and Anchor on that, fine; if the Army wants to throw on brigade and division patches, fine; if the Air Force wants strips on the sleeves, that should work; and if the Navy SeaBees put their symbol on it, that shouldn't be an issue. So long as the enemy snipers will have a lot more trouble identifying the US Air Force TACP from the Soldiers he is with that will be enough for a field uniform. Along with DoD accepting that, Generals and Senior Enlisted members (like the former CMSgt of the Air Force Murray) need to shove their inter-service rivalry attitudes to the side and fight a joint fight.

One Team, One Fight; should include one uniform. Downrange we are far too intermixed to have four different uniforms on... BDU's and ACU's simplified matters of logistics incredibly. Now its muddled once again. Especially since the Air Force decided to go to green boots instead of the tan that the Army and Marine Corps use (though the Marines need to have the EGA on them...). A Soldier should be able to get a pair of pants from an Air Force base just as easily a Marine should be able to get one from an Army Post in theater. Back in garrison, thats when we can stand out, when there is less need to blend into the surrounding environment or each other!


22AUG09's Stand-Down, posted a tad late!

Alaska Department of Military and Veterans Affairs sponsors a Stand-Down every year. This was the 11th Annual Stand-Down in Fairbanks Alaska!

Daily News Miner

My promotion during the promotion ceremony.

27AUG09 My Wife!

Yesterday, the NAIA (National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics) Hall of Fame announced they are inducting my wife in May 2010!


20AUG09 Nadine Winters is B-I-T-C-H, and I mean it.

I ain't afraid to say it to her face either, though I apologize to any other woman around (especially female canines). When people are testifying, and yes, ripping her brain child FNSB Ordnance 2009-30 to pieces (especially an Industrial Hygienist who knows a thing or two about the equipment used to gather the air quality data and the results of -40 to -50 weather on said equipment...) she sits there in the middle, the Presiding Officer (though having had to have passed the gavel to Luke Hopkins since she sponsored/introduced the legislation), in plain sight of all present, staring at the ceiling slouching with her head resting on her hand and a glazed expression on her face. No sense of self discipline, nor political acting, by FAKING paying attention like some of the others present who can hide such contempt well enough for me not to notice (except by voting record).

I think I can get more professionalism from a high school speech class, but then they are doing it for a grade... I know I can at least fake paying attention better than she can, but I don't have to, I'm not in a public office as a public servant. I'm not required to give anyone that kind of attention other than my employer. I even pay attention to my customers better than that! But then, I understand my job depends on my professionalism. Which leaves on option, she needs to go next election that she is up.

Its utterly unforgivable (in a political fashion) to show such blatant contempt for the public and the general populace. Never mind the issue really, which is just as much a reason to fire her; but the look on her face of utter contempt, boredom, and detachment just drives the point home all by itself.

Now, on to the issue itself. Here is a link to the Borough Assembly Meeting for 20AUG09 and the minutes. Ms Winters and the enviroMENTALists want to put on the ballot for the people, to determine if the State of Alaska or the Fairbanks North Star Borough should impose regulation on 'solid fuel hydronic heaters' (wood/coal outdoor furnaces), based on data from sensors located within a 5 mile radius in downtown Fairbanks affecting a borough the size of New Jersey (oh, and an Industrial Hygienist tore up the 'fact' sheet, along with the State of Alaska in a 2007 report to the EPA about the sensor data being off due to the equipment being improper for the weather).

Lets talk about how the Borough would control us, the little people who have to use wood or coal to survive in a high priced heating oil market, Mayor Whitaker's proposed ordinance (you know, the idiot with his up Obama's rectum during his Nomination Speech at the DNC Convention in Denver this last election!):

FNSB Wood Stove Ordinance

However, this ordinance is based on data that the State of Alaska found to be flawed!

"While the state believes winter monitoring results have shown a 24 hour PM2.5 problem in
Fairbanks, the data has some limitations that could possibly invalidate most of the winter data.
First, the federal reference method samplers frequently operated at temperatures below the
design range of the instruments making flow readings, particle movement, and general low-
temperature operation uncertain. Problems with calibrator operations at extreme cold
temperatures further impacts monitoring results. In addition, it is known that the Federal
Reference Method filter-based sampling does not properly adjust for changing sample flow rates
at the lower temperatures experienced in Fairbanks in winter.

At the same time, the Fairbanks North Star Borough operated a Met One Beta Attenuation
Monitor to provide a more robust assessment of fine particle concentrations. Because these
samplers are not federal reference methods or federal equivalent methods, they were operated to
collect co-located measurements with the federal reference method samplers. During the
evaluation period, the continuous sampler design was undergoing modifications and upgrade. A
heater was installed in 2007 to help control humidity which may have caused readings to be
subject to a positive artifact,2 and measurements made after that time may be subject to a
negative artifact due to loss of nitrate (which has been observed in other samplers when an in-
line heater was used).3 "

So once again, political games with our lives.

Next rant is likely to be Nadine Winters latest idea, Ordinance 2009-40, forcing all businesses that put your product in plastic bags to charge YOU about $.05 a piece! Yup, to 'reduce the plastic bag pollution' we will have to pay the price...

Need I go on with the environMENTAL bull shit?

Now, if Nadine Winters goes out and writes an apology for EVERY SINGLE person who testified while she was being disrespectful, I'll gladly pull my posts down from both my blogs. That, and I need a courtesy copy of said appology to the public for her un-professional hubris.


18AUG09 JTACs!

Working hard in the "Stan" (Afghanistan), and getting the shaft from 'Big Blue' in the form of more restrictive rules of engagement with Close Air Support.

We restricted how many "Shows of Force" we used to conduct in order NOT to get our enemies used to aircraft zipping low overhead and to keep the shock effect. Now, we force our men to conduct more zooming over target areas prior to ordnance release to 'clear civilians' or give them a chance to scatter. This is kinda upsetting and a reason I got out. However on the flip side, maybe when a SOF (Show Of Force) happens, it will always cause a scatter instinct! After all, if you don't know when or if ordnance will be released...

Rant complete.


14AUG09 MSM outrage over LEGAL OPEN CARRY!

ABC today had a story that is a sign of the times, in order to silence any oppositition to the Dear Leader. They sling the word 'militia' around like a curse, describing anti-government separatist groups as such (which is false, Militias are a part of this countries foundation, and the term is used in reference to military organizations of citizen soldiers who work for the Governor of their State)...

Never mind the truth, like Pelosi saying she liked Interrupters back in 2006:

And Obama's own words about a Single Payer Medical System:

Or Obama's idea of mandatory service (Hitler Youth? Brown Shirts? SS?!)

Of course, there is the slow down in Congressional servers due to over taxing of emails in opposition to the current health care reforms (and I'm sure there is support emails too).

I'll stick to Regan's guns on the health care debate, Socialized medicine is BAD!



Watch to the South, South America. I strongly suspect Venezuela is instigating a war with Columbia right now in order to attack the United States for them and their allies in Iran. Why? Well, Sun Tzu recommends attacking your enemies allies, and what better time to do than now when there is a US President who wants 'dialog' to the point of talking down the gun barrel of a dictator?

Lets analyze this a bit and dig up Sun Tzu shall we? I typically go for the translation and commentary found in "The Seven Military Classics of Ancient China" (ISBN 0-8133-1228-0) translated by Ralph and Mei-chun Sawyer; mainly due to the extensive historical appendixes and of course the presence of other works of Chinese Military Philosophy which put everything into a much more clear historical context. Lots of translations exist for Sun Tzu's "Art of War", however many are fad translations done in the 70's and 80's by business people and college professors who were more concerned about its application to business competition and not militarily like it was written. A couple other translations of note done by or with a lot of military expert assistance are the edition by Samuel B. Griffith and Brig. Gen. T.R. Phillips' "Roots of Strategy" Book 1 which includes "Art of War" along with others ranging from the Roman Vegetius through Napoleon...

"Thus the highest realization of warfare is to attack the enemy's plans; next is to attack their alliances; next to attack their army; and the lowest is to attack their fortified cities.....

....Thus one who excels at employing the military subjugates other people's armies without engaging in battle, captures other people's fortified cities without attacking them, and destroys other people's states without prolonged fighting. He must fight under Heaven with the paramount aim of 'preservation.' Thus his weapons will not become dull, and the gains can be preserved. This is the strategy for planning offensives."
("The Seven Military Classics of Ancient China" p. 161)

We have seen Chavez survive another election, ours. We have seen his attack on our plans, along with Iran. Completing that with the assistance of 'Useful Idiots' (to quote Chairman Khruschev) like our current President, they have successfully defeated most of our plans to contain them. We impotently respond to Venezuela, Iran, and even North Korea. Why? Well our State Department and Department of Defense don't have a unity of effort. Our State Department, seems to be full of 'useful idiots' who have been acting with impotence ever since the end of the Cold War. Post Cold War, a complacency set in...

People need to realize that an alliance as dubious as the Warsaw Pact exists at the moment, or is in the process of developing. Much of it seems centered around an alliance of leftist-socialist countries (Communists) and radical Islamic Theocracies.

Some how, Khruschev's mission has continued, in the hands of our current government since the end of the Cold War. "We can't expect the American People to jump from Capitalism to Communism, but we can assist their elected leaders in giving them small doses of Socialism, until they awaken one day to find that they have Communism." Ultimately, the Communist Movement never went away, and kept working toward the goal, in the light of day as 'progressives' or 'social democrats' or for 'social justice'.

I suspect our instability has been encouraged by various organizations, that are likely not even really working with each other for the same goal. However, their efforts are slowly bearing the fruit of our own destruction. We are in a perfect storm, and the instability is a wet dream for our enemies.

Just check out the article in USA Today in which Representative Pelosi describes dissent as Un-American! Now we even have a website being set up by the White House for people to report such 'un-American' rumors, along with flag@whitehouse.gov So far to my knowledge, there was no such language coming from the Bush Administration despite the blistering, lies, deception, and propaganda against the Global War On Terror.

For all the criticism of government spending during the last eight years prior, which was justified BTW, Congress is buying 8 more Gulfstream jets. 550 million dollars worth. So cut the F-22 Raptors because they are 'Obsolete' (in the words of President Obama himself, quite the expert isn't he?). Of course the deficit grew by leaps and bounds too...

At least people are waking up to the use of EnviroMENTALism as a vehicle for Socialism and increased revenue for government. When things effect the power bill and fill-up, everyone is effected!


07AUG09 2nd Amendment TF Stickers?

Some sticker prototypes made for the 2nd Amendment Task Force by Dan from Graphic Sign & Letter Co. in Ripon WI!

More to follow...


05AUG09 Chonger gets a good photo-op!

When Former President Clinton showed up in North Korea to pick up our reporters, he became another useful idiot once again. His entire visit gave the DPRK a wonderful photo-op to use as propaganda and the state run media wonderful seeds for telling how the wise Kim Chong-Il was being visited by such a high level statesman...

...well, we got our two reporters back (who were arrested filming a documentary for Al Gore...).

Another shooting, this time at a gym in PA. Once again, there were some warning signs, published on the Internet. 4 women and the shooter died. Again, a suicidal maniac wanting to take people out with him. I'm sure we are going to see the Femi-Nazi's and Anti-Gunner's go after this one hard.

The world is getting colder, as in the Cold War seems to be coming back into the forefront again between Russia and the United States. We experience severe economic hardship, a socialist president that is increasingly becoming very un-popular, and a party in charge seeking to cause political instability within the country by arbitrary shoving things down our throats; and now our enemies hover outside like vultures.

Russia, is once again (on top of sending the occasional TU-95 Bear bomber to buzz Alaskan airspace) sending submarines to the Atlantic to sit off of our East Coast. Right now they are just attack submarines made for the counter-ship/counter-sub warfare and not the kind capable of launching nuclear missiles at any land targets. However, this is likely going to be a stepping stone into larger deployments that may very well involve sending nuclear missile armed submarines out once again. Russia, is very clearly, attempting to regain face and its former military glory. Make no mistake about it. However, considering how far they fell at after the break up of the Soviet Union, its about time they got their military fixed! It should come as no surprise that as each piece of equipment is fixed that it gets deployed for maneuvers...

Global Warming is bunk; we know this. Nature has fickle cycles and all the 'models' used to 'predict' weather are off... Mostly due to the idea of global warming being calculated into them... For example, those alarmist views of increasingly harsh tornadoes and hurricane seasons, just don't seem to be the case!


02AUG2009 A very special Sunday

The remains of Capt. Scott Speicher, missing since the Gulf War in 1991, have finally been found positively identified! They will be returned! His family will now have closure!

This day in the year 2000, was my first day at Basic Training at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio Texas. 9 years ago, I hopped on a Greyhound Bus in Colorado Springs and began my journey of life on my own!