05AUG09 Chonger gets a good photo-op!

When Former President Clinton showed up in North Korea to pick up our reporters, he became another useful idiot once again. His entire visit gave the DPRK a wonderful photo-op to use as propaganda and the state run media wonderful seeds for telling how the wise Kim Chong-Il was being visited by such a high level statesman...

...well, we got our two reporters back (who were arrested filming a documentary for Al Gore...).

Another shooting, this time at a gym in PA. Once again, there were some warning signs, published on the Internet. 4 women and the shooter died. Again, a suicidal maniac wanting to take people out with him. I'm sure we are going to see the Femi-Nazi's and Anti-Gunner's go after this one hard.

The world is getting colder, as in the Cold War seems to be coming back into the forefront again between Russia and the United States. We experience severe economic hardship, a socialist president that is increasingly becoming very un-popular, and a party in charge seeking to cause political instability within the country by arbitrary shoving things down our throats; and now our enemies hover outside like vultures.

Russia, is once again (on top of sending the occasional TU-95 Bear bomber to buzz Alaskan airspace) sending submarines to the Atlantic to sit off of our East Coast. Right now they are just attack submarines made for the counter-ship/counter-sub warfare and not the kind capable of launching nuclear missiles at any land targets. However, this is likely going to be a stepping stone into larger deployments that may very well involve sending nuclear missile armed submarines out once again. Russia, is very clearly, attempting to regain face and its former military glory. Make no mistake about it. However, considering how far they fell at after the break up of the Soviet Union, its about time they got their military fixed! It should come as no surprise that as each piece of equipment is fixed that it gets deployed for maneuvers...

Global Warming is bunk; we know this. Nature has fickle cycles and all the 'models' used to 'predict' weather are off... Mostly due to the idea of global warming being calculated into them... For example, those alarmist views of increasingly harsh tornadoes and hurricane seasons, just don't seem to be the case!

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