14AUG09 MSM outrage over LEGAL OPEN CARRY!

ABC today had a story that is a sign of the times, in order to silence any oppositition to the Dear Leader. They sling the word 'militia' around like a curse, describing anti-government separatist groups as such (which is false, Militias are a part of this countries foundation, and the term is used in reference to military organizations of citizen soldiers who work for the Governor of their State)...

Never mind the truth, like Pelosi saying she liked Interrupters back in 2006:

And Obama's own words about a Single Payer Medical System:

Or Obama's idea of mandatory service (Hitler Youth? Brown Shirts? SS?!)

Of course, there is the slow down in Congressional servers due to over taxing of emails in opposition to the current health care reforms (and I'm sure there is support emails too).

I'll stick to Regan's guns on the health care debate, Socialized medicine is BAD!

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