20AUG09 Nadine Winters is B-I-T-C-H, and I mean it.

I ain't afraid to say it to her face either, though I apologize to any other woman around (especially female canines). When people are testifying, and yes, ripping her brain child FNSB Ordnance 2009-30 to pieces (especially an Industrial Hygienist who knows a thing or two about the equipment used to gather the air quality data and the results of -40 to -50 weather on said equipment...) she sits there in the middle, the Presiding Officer (though having had to have passed the gavel to Luke Hopkins since she sponsored/introduced the legislation), in plain sight of all present, staring at the ceiling slouching with her head resting on her hand and a glazed expression on her face. No sense of self discipline, nor political acting, by FAKING paying attention like some of the others present who can hide such contempt well enough for me not to notice (except by voting record).

I think I can get more professionalism from a high school speech class, but then they are doing it for a grade... I know I can at least fake paying attention better than she can, but I don't have to, I'm not in a public office as a public servant. I'm not required to give anyone that kind of attention other than my employer. I even pay attention to my customers better than that! But then, I understand my job depends on my professionalism. Which leaves on option, she needs to go next election that she is up.

Its utterly unforgivable (in a political fashion) to show such blatant contempt for the public and the general populace. Never mind the issue really, which is just as much a reason to fire her; but the look on her face of utter contempt, boredom, and detachment just drives the point home all by itself.

Now, on to the issue itself. Here is a link to the Borough Assembly Meeting for 20AUG09 and the minutes. Ms Winters and the enviroMENTALists want to put on the ballot for the people, to determine if the State of Alaska or the Fairbanks North Star Borough should impose regulation on 'solid fuel hydronic heaters' (wood/coal outdoor furnaces), based on data from sensors located within a 5 mile radius in downtown Fairbanks affecting a borough the size of New Jersey (oh, and an Industrial Hygienist tore up the 'fact' sheet, along with the State of Alaska in a 2007 report to the EPA about the sensor data being off due to the equipment being improper for the weather).

Lets talk about how the Borough would control us, the little people who have to use wood or coal to survive in a high priced heating oil market, Mayor Whitaker's proposed ordinance (you know, the idiot with his up Obama's rectum during his Nomination Speech at the DNC Convention in Denver this last election!):

FNSB Wood Stove Ordinance

However, this ordinance is based on data that the State of Alaska found to be flawed!

"While the state believes winter monitoring results have shown a 24 hour PM2.5 problem in
Fairbanks, the data has some limitations that could possibly invalidate most of the winter data.
First, the federal reference method samplers frequently operated at temperatures below the
design range of the instruments making flow readings, particle movement, and general low-
temperature operation uncertain. Problems with calibrator operations at extreme cold
temperatures further impacts monitoring results. In addition, it is known that the Federal
Reference Method filter-based sampling does not properly adjust for changing sample flow rates
at the lower temperatures experienced in Fairbanks in winter.

At the same time, the Fairbanks North Star Borough operated a Met One Beta Attenuation
Monitor to provide a more robust assessment of fine particle concentrations. Because these
samplers are not federal reference methods or federal equivalent methods, they were operated to
collect co-located measurements with the federal reference method samplers. During the
evaluation period, the continuous sampler design was undergoing modifications and upgrade. A
heater was installed in 2007 to help control humidity which may have caused readings to be
subject to a positive artifact,2 and measurements made after that time may be subject to a
negative artifact due to loss of nitrate (which has been observed in other samplers when an in-
line heater was used).3 "

So once again, political games with our lives.

Next rant is likely to be Nadine Winters latest idea, Ordinance 2009-40, forcing all businesses that put your product in plastic bags to charge YOU about $.05 a piece! Yup, to 'reduce the plastic bag pollution' we will have to pay the price...

Need I go on with the environMENTAL bull shit?

Now, if Nadine Winters goes out and writes an apology for EVERY SINGLE person who testified while she was being disrespectful, I'll gladly pull my posts down from both my blogs. That, and I need a courtesy copy of said appology to the public for her un-professional hubris.

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Googler said...

I say "Let's Boycott Plastic Bags" We will show them!!!!