25SEP09 Staged Arrests!

EDIT 28SEP09: Being a fair man, I must make a correction! These arrests are not in fact staged, but are in fact very real arrests. However, the ones executing the arrest are NOT to my knowledge DoD personnel, but strike me as local, state, or federal LEO SWAT members who have decided that they can wear multi-cam and BDU uniforms in an urban crowd control environment. We see the result of this, now we have the paranoids screaming about Posse Comitatus, if I'm wrong on the account of them being LEO's a correction will follow. If they are National Guard acting under State orders, they are fine, if they are DoD personnel, than the Posse Comitatus is warranted.

As noted on Black Five, this is so fake. Any vet can spot the fakes. Who wears BDU's anymore? Multi-Cam isn't authorized yet... Obviously not any military or DoD organization here! Maybe its a bunch of IVAW guys working with the G-20 protestors to stage a cheesy video of G-20 protestors getting arrested to incite more violence and anti-government sentiment!

After all, the IVAW is pretty retarded at faking things and is full of fakes (I feel sorry for the real vets who associate themselves with that repugnant organization, to include a good friend of mine, I still think the real ones need to split off...).

Just check out the latest Rick "Duncan" story from the American Legion Burn Pit and the dereliction of duty of the US Attorney in the good state of Colorado. If you are as outraged as I am about the dereliction of duty of the CO US Attorney, write to them: http://www.usdoj.gov/usao/co/contact_info/contact_info/index.html


16SEP09 Sitrep

Hope remains for real investigative journalism! They are up to four videos exposing ACORN as a corrupt organization that assists in the exploitation of illegal aliens and the poor in the United States. Of course, on the downside, if you stand up and call the President of the United States a "Liar" you are just a racist. At least in Jimmy Carter's peanut sized brain... Time to hit the retirement home Jimmy, or at least return to the peanut farm where you belong. Your rhetoric has cost the world and the United States lots (to include the lives of many soldiers), so its time to retire.

On top of that the US House of Representatives has decided to squelch all similar outbursts against the 'dear leader' by re-writing the rules of the House (conveniently updated now, probably to be dropped when the next Republican or Conservative takes office). This is an incredibly rare occurrence, not the heckling so much as the official action taken by the House. Its going to backfire and likely destroy some members in congress, while boosting Congressman Wilson's reputation. Why? Baseless accusations, lack of coverage prior to this incident, and the above mentioned ACORN investigation and the TEA Parties. People are pissed at the lying, and when the President lied, one man boldly exclaimed the truth. Joe Wilson apologized to the President personally for being rude, not for telling the truth. Now the House continued to seek to punish him, this does not bode well for the political animals on the Republicratic/Democratin front who voted to punish him. People are getting tired of the parliamentary maneuvering going on in the face of important issues where the President did indeed lie by omission. Its good to see the committees now addressing the point Joe Wilson shouted "YOU LIE!" about, too bad it took that to open the eyes of Congress, the Senate, the President, and the American people.

On the war front of GWOT, the FBI is busting up a plot that stretched from Denver/Aurora Colorado all the way to Queens New York! People have been sleeping far too long in regards to what is going on with terrorism. If there was no other case for shutting down the border and controlling the flow of immigration to the South and indeed the North, this is one such case. Denver lies on the I-25 corridor that runs from New Mexico all the way through to Wyoming. What few people realize, is that this is MAJOR route used by the drug trade/sex slave trade/illegal aliens to get to middle America. From Denver, the drugs go either West to California or East toward Kansas City en-route to Chicago... You can imagine this is a great way for OTM's to get into the US and connect with or supply terror cells. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if the drug smugglers are working with various terrorist organizations (not much difference really). After all, both profit from the US being un-stable, no conspiracy really necessary so much as "the enemy of my enemy is my friend, so long as they pay well".


14SEP09, Left hand don't know what the Right hand....

In regards to the bag tax... I think you should just leave your dog shit lying on the park grass since the same government wants to ban you from using them by taxing you for it.

9-12-2009, 9/12 Protest Fairbanks!

It was small, and certainly a grass roots effort. About 25-30 folks out with signs angry about growth of government. Small, but well worth the effort!

I didn't see one reporter from the local paper. All well. I guess 9-10 anti-war protesters deserve more coverage than 25-30 normal Americans getting shafted by a big government...

Now, check out the Washington DC Protest!


10SEP09 Eight Years Ago...

This day eight years ago, I was loading Humvees onto a KC-135 in preparation for air delivery to the National Training Center at Ft. Irwin (land at a field near by, off load, convoy to Ft. Irwin). Our ADVON team had already left, and we were nest part of the ADVON. 11SEP01 was to be a comp day for me for working so late into the night getting those trucks tied down to pallets on the aircraft. From 0700 until about 2000 we were on that air field.

We came home, and I was appointed driver to get our ADVON guys to the Soldiers Readiness Package processing area to get on that plane to fly with the trucks. I woke up at 0400 on 11SEP01 and drove our airmen over there and brought the van back. I sat in the office waiting to be released... Thats when the news hit. All our gear was loaded and on the way to Ft. Irwin. All except our battle rattle and carry-on items!

Right after the Pentagon got hit, I left the day room and locked the motor pool gate on my way to my equipment locker and replaced the canteen on my right side with a holster for my M-9 (you know, the good ol' TA-50 LBE). We went to the day room and watched as the towers collapsed. Our squadron commander looked at us, and told us to be ready for an early morning and that were dismissed for the day. This was about 1400 CST.

I never slept that day, until 12SEP01 early in morning, for an hour or so until we got the recall and showed up to work ready to roll. Luckily, for our unit, it would be business as usual. That meant once the skies were open again, off to the NTC for training. We were heavy armor at Ft. Riley, a round out brigade; no chance in hell of deploying to Afghanistan as a unit. At the time I didn't fully grasp that only the ETACs might deploy as augmentees.

I never regretted joining up. 11SEP2001 was what I joined to be prepared to face. Two conversations haunted me that day, and still to this day. The first a NJROTC event where my unit at Mesa Ridge High School provided an honor guard to a Pearl Harbor Ceremony at Memorial Park in Colorado Springs; a retired US Navy MCPO discussed the ramifications of an un-prepared country and that it would lead to another Pearl Harbor type event, this was in 1998 or so. The next was my Creative Writing teacher laughing at the notion that terrorists would attack the United States in 1999...


FNSB Assembly Ordinance No. 2009-40, a tax by any other name....

Check out the FNSB Assembly's latest experiment (in .pdf) in social engineering! Yippiee! We have to head out to the Borough Assembly building this Thursday, and once again micromanage our local leaders and inform them that this is as much a bright idea as our former Ruler's Stamp Act of 1765... Only the Ordinance specifically states that this is not a $.05 tax so much as a 'fee'... Its a fee because it must all go to a "Local Recycling Program Special Revenue Fund" (8.12.039).

Once again, Assembly Woman Nadine Winters is the author, you know, the bitch who stares at the ceiling and ignores testimony! I think the meeting starts at 6 p.m. Not sure when testimony will begin. If you are in Fairbanks and reading this, I think its wise to show up.

EnvironMENTALism at its finest! Folks in Ester are quite pleased however....

Here is my letter to the Assembly:

Borough Assembly,

I am a clerk at a local business, that I'm quite positive grosses over 1 million dollar a year in sales and will be impacted by your possible Ordnance charging our company and the consumers of this town a $.05 'fee' per plastic bag. I curious what the motivation for this is, other than your ridiculous environmental impact and recycling excuse listed within the text of ordinance. Maybe its been too long since you were mere mortals going to the store and buying groceries for your kids, who happen to be a 3 year old toddler and 16 month old who produce large amounts of human waste which require disposal where ever I happen to be with them. I happen to find the plastic bags in which you want to charge me a $.05 'fee' for quite handy for containing urine soaked clothing, disposable, and reusable diapers. I can fit about 5 of these $.05 'fee' bags into my diaper bag for such contingencies.

I also happen to find these bags quite handy for my small garbage cans, which also serve as diaper disposal units. I can find hundreds of uses for these bags, which is why my wife and I collect them and hang on to them for re-use. I'm also concerned about the security of my job as a sales clerk. I use hundreds of these bags back at the gun counter at Frontier Outfitters. This serves to communicate to our front register that a customer has purchased the merchandise they are carrying. If it costs a $.05 'fee' per bag, that clearly will cost consumers more, forcing our business to raise prices just to pay for the overhead of ordering thousands, if not millions, of bags a year.

Charging 'fees' in order to conduct social engineering experiments on the public is purely the wrong function of government, and you are assuming the role as 'ruler' once again as opposed to 'public servant'. Just go back to history, and remember the Stamp Act in which our former rulers charged our ancestors a 'fee' for each sheet of paper in order to make the document printed on the paper 'legal'. We all know where this lead eventually. Our Founders left you and fantastic foundation, that you seem to be tossing out the window (especially you Nadine Winters, have you apologized to those who testified about PM 2.5 standards yet? You know, the ones you ignored staring at the ceiling?). You wonder where the rage at the government is coming from, and this Ordinance is one such fine example. I'm getting sick of having to come down to the Assembly building to testify and micromanage you to ensure you don't pass some hair brained 'fee' for standard goods provided to consumers by stores in order to grow your pet programs for you political backers in 'Big Environment' and 'Big Oil'. You are continuing wasting my precious time with your childish decisions made solely to employ your buddies. We suffer, and you employ your friends, our prices will go up, and I may lose my job when my employer must cut costs. Thanks for kicking me when I'm down, again.

Not too respectfully,

Michael "Sudsy" Sutherland

09SEP2009 Cass Sunstein

Cass Sunstein is MORON and a PETA Hack.

Check out his paper, "The Rights of Animals: A Very Short Primer" from The Law School of The University of Chicago.

That, and anyone who believes in celebrating Tax Day (15APR) every year... He discounts the fact that our tax payer dollars are wasted. Any moron knows the government needs a form of income, and taxes are the easiest way; however how that income is spent and why the government needs more is where most of us take issue. This Op-Ed is nothing more than an "shut and pay to be a patriot" piece.

Here is the Wikipedia page. Sure, Wikipedia has its issues with credibility, however, thats if you don't CROSS REFERENCE the foot notes and the references that are there with real items. Cass Sunstein's profile has some pretty good footnotes, in fact thats where I found his Animal Rights Primer in .pdf form at the University of Chicago website! Several of the foot notes are based on a 2007 Harvard Speech, and Sunstein's book with Martha C. Nussbaum "Animal Rights: Current Debates and New Directions" (Oxford University Press 2004).

Fascinating... Another reason why regulatory 'czars' should have nothing to do with being directly under the White House. They serve no other purpose than to ensure more power for the Executive Branch.


02SEP09 Democrats in Connecticut at work...

Capitol Watch Connecticut Politics Political Hubris at its finest!

And they wonder why people are so damn pissed off at politicians these days. Perhaps if the State of Connecticut would enforce the same standard that the US Government does for its computers and require an installation of Microsoft Windows that doesn't have ANY games on it they might actually get some work done. Its obvious that these Democrats need that level of babysitting, but then they are in charge and they just don't care. I'm sure there are plenty of Republicans who do the same damn thing (I'm wondering about ours here in Alaska, who did nothing to keep the State Fuel Tax of $.08 suspended and never brought it up during the Special Session in which they overturned former Gov. Palin's Veto over the Federal Stimulus funds).


01SEP09 Running into thugs? Nah, not me, well I'm sure I have they just don't act like it when they see me...

Apparently in Anchorage, some kids decided to beat up and rob runners and walkers on a trail.

I'm sure they might think about here, but when the see me, they typically get real nice and go about their business.