16SEP09 Sitrep

Hope remains for real investigative journalism! They are up to four videos exposing ACORN as a corrupt organization that assists in the exploitation of illegal aliens and the poor in the United States. Of course, on the downside, if you stand up and call the President of the United States a "Liar" you are just a racist. At least in Jimmy Carter's peanut sized brain... Time to hit the retirement home Jimmy, or at least return to the peanut farm where you belong. Your rhetoric has cost the world and the United States lots (to include the lives of many soldiers), so its time to retire.

On top of that the US House of Representatives has decided to squelch all similar outbursts against the 'dear leader' by re-writing the rules of the House (conveniently updated now, probably to be dropped when the next Republican or Conservative takes office). This is an incredibly rare occurrence, not the heckling so much as the official action taken by the House. Its going to backfire and likely destroy some members in congress, while boosting Congressman Wilson's reputation. Why? Baseless accusations, lack of coverage prior to this incident, and the above mentioned ACORN investigation and the TEA Parties. People are pissed at the lying, and when the President lied, one man boldly exclaimed the truth. Joe Wilson apologized to the President personally for being rude, not for telling the truth. Now the House continued to seek to punish him, this does not bode well for the political animals on the Republicratic/Democratin front who voted to punish him. People are getting tired of the parliamentary maneuvering going on in the face of important issues where the President did indeed lie by omission. Its good to see the committees now addressing the point Joe Wilson shouted "YOU LIE!" about, too bad it took that to open the eyes of Congress, the Senate, the President, and the American people.

On the war front of GWOT, the FBI is busting up a plot that stretched from Denver/Aurora Colorado all the way to Queens New York! People have been sleeping far too long in regards to what is going on with terrorism. If there was no other case for shutting down the border and controlling the flow of immigration to the South and indeed the North, this is one such case. Denver lies on the I-25 corridor that runs from New Mexico all the way through to Wyoming. What few people realize, is that this is MAJOR route used by the drug trade/sex slave trade/illegal aliens to get to middle America. From Denver, the drugs go either West to California or East toward Kansas City en-route to Chicago... You can imagine this is a great way for OTM's to get into the US and connect with or supply terror cells. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if the drug smugglers are working with various terrorist organizations (not much difference really). After all, both profit from the US being un-stable, no conspiracy really necessary so much as "the enemy of my enemy is my friend, so long as they pay well".

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