25SEP09 Staged Arrests!

EDIT 28SEP09: Being a fair man, I must make a correction! These arrests are not in fact staged, but are in fact very real arrests. However, the ones executing the arrest are NOT to my knowledge DoD personnel, but strike me as local, state, or federal LEO SWAT members who have decided that they can wear multi-cam and BDU uniforms in an urban crowd control environment. We see the result of this, now we have the paranoids screaming about Posse Comitatus, if I'm wrong on the account of them being LEO's a correction will follow. If they are National Guard acting under State orders, they are fine, if they are DoD personnel, than the Posse Comitatus is warranted.

As noted on Black Five, this is so fake. Any vet can spot the fakes. Who wears BDU's anymore? Multi-Cam isn't authorized yet... Obviously not any military or DoD organization here! Maybe its a bunch of IVAW guys working with the G-20 protestors to stage a cheesy video of G-20 protestors getting arrested to incite more violence and anti-government sentiment!

After all, the IVAW is pretty retarded at faking things and is full of fakes (I feel sorry for the real vets who associate themselves with that repugnant organization, to include a good friend of mine, I still think the real ones need to split off...).

Just check out the latest Rick "Duncan" story from the American Legion Burn Pit and the dereliction of duty of the US Attorney in the good state of Colorado. If you are as outraged as I am about the dereliction of duty of the CO US Attorney, write to them: http://www.usdoj.gov/usao/co/contact_info/contact_info/index.html

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