29OCT09 Time for Coyote trapping and hunting in Canada!

A 19 year old woman, Taylor Mitchell was killed in coyote attack in Canada. Some biologist are at a loss, however coyotes are canines and inherently pack animals and WILL from time to time attack humans. No matter the species, dogs are dogs! Same thing is happening in California and other states here in the US where hunting is so tightly regulated.

This causes an imbalance in nature the environMENTALists fail to realize. Humans are hunters, since the dawn of man, we hunted or got hunted. Bottom line, we now don't hunt like we used to, so I suspect animals are losing fear of our species no longer really getting acquainted with our predator side like they used to. Well, at least some of the animals near civilization where the hunting is restricted. Here in Alaska, coyotes are especially shy for good reason...

...another thing to think about, out in the wild, wild animals are wild. Go forth properly equipped!

But then, Taylor Mitchell was hiking alone, in a National Park in Nova Scotia. Her government restricts her ability to carry firearms there, and she was alone and a target. Its sad. Canadians should be up in arms about this. Time to start trapping the coyotes there and get them a reason to be nervous around humans again!


KC-130+Hellfire+laser/sensor package= Battlefield Convenience Store!

Live Leak Video

Talk about a flying battlefield convenience store! I wonder if a certain Air National Guard unit in Nevada is playing with this too... I certainly believe it would be an incredible Joint asset and shouldn't just be used by any one branch! Lets get em' all doing this!

Gas up, shoot missiles! What a great combination! This is how the Spooky Gunships were born back in 'Nam; ingenuity, elbow grease, and creative thinking outside the container!