09NOV2009 Treason!

Major Nidal Malik Hasan committed an act of cold hard treason and sabotage during a time of armed conflict. Irregardless of his background, religion, nationality, or any other factor that might have motivated him, he is a traitor and not a victim. Any other details, ranging from possible radicalism in his Islamic faith to being against the war are minor details that might assist in determining motivation but its all minor compared to convicting Hasan on charges of treason (and executing the traitor). Hasan is just another McVeigh and deserves the same fate, I'm just happy that he will be facing a Court Martial and face the UCMJ. In other words, he will face a death penalty with little chance of avoiding it if convicted.

If they try and say 'teasing' made him a victim, thats bull shit. In today's military, especially if you are of Hasan's background, you have a special set of rights that allows you to hammer those evil white Christian males that joke about you; the Military Equal Opportunity Office. On top of that, how many of you have dealt with worse than being called 'camel jockey'?! I lost count of how many times my co-workers refereed to my faith in a negative manner and used words like 'virgin' and 'prude' in a rather derogatory manner. I've dealt with much worse, such as someone taping a picture of Cardinal Law from Boston on my desk and a 'Recovering Catholic' picture next to it (that resulted in the vehemently anti-Catholic individual receiving a very long talk from my supervisor with his supervisor, luckily the point was noted how pin-headed such actions are and no administrative actions were necessary). Did I go nuts and shoot up people? Nope. I did what any good ROMAD does, and got a thicker skin, but then thats just whats expected of anyone who is a White Christian Heterosexual Pro-Gun Pro-Life male in this country; we can't be offended as we are just so oppressive and evil ourselves we should just take all the hate since we must pay the price for our long dead ancestors that brought all the evil to this world... Don't give me the 'teasing' bull shit excuse. If its so bad to insult Islam, they need just need to grow up like the Jews, Christians, Buddhists, and Hindus have and grow a thick skin (then again, Islam through-out Central Asia and the Middle East tends to oppress those faiths currently...). There is no religion on the face of the earth that hasn't spent some time in persecution by another religion; GET OVER IT.

November 9th, 1989; I was in 1st Grade in Religion Class at St. Terese Catholic School in Aurora Colorado (one of two years I was there), that was when I first learned of the Berlin Wall and the Iron Curtain, the day it came down! A proud day for the world! Freedom triumphed, and the ideas of Communism crumbled with it just a few days later. You would think folks would remember what a farce system socialism is based on the past experiences of seeing over the wall... Nope, people don't remember that far back and forget the lessons of history. I thank God my father was a Cold War Veteran, he gave the context of what the world was like at that point in history.

Hugo Chavez is rattling his saber, telling his forces to get ready to go to war with Columbia. Go figure, he supports the FARC which resorted to kidnapping and drug dealing in between the time when they got money from the Soviets and Chavez. FARC is nothing more than a guerrilla force of Communists attempting to overthrow the Columbian government and force socialism on the rest of the populace. Got to love those Communists! And we wonder where our drug culture came from...

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