07DEC09 A day of Infamy...

...check out the tribute to the men and women who died during the attack on Pearl Harbor this day in 1941.

Also, the infamous "Inconvenient Truth" of lies surrounding 'Climate Gate' continues to unfold, with some demanding Al Gore's Oscar be stripped... Expect calls for blood soon if climate change legislation gets out of hand. In fact, there should be calls for Senatorial investigations into the Universities here in the US that promoted the idea and willfully manipulated the data in order to ensure they continued to get Government grants to research this! This is huge folks! BILLIONS if not TRILLIONS of dollars since the late 1960's have been poured into 'Global Warming' prevention programs from your vehicles emissions, to the banning of refrigerants, to what may become 'Cap and Trade'. The EvironMENTALists will not cease this fight because to lose this fight would be an admission of guilt on their part and result in the biggest scientific scandal since Eugenics.

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