18DEC09 The Milblogs fell silent....

...the silence was deafening to some. Sadly I never got the WARNO!

So, a day late, here is my support C.J.! Anyone who doesn't know should go to C.J.s Blog "A Soldiers Perspective" for more details and read the Army Times "Off Duty" article. This sickens me and makes my head explode, the fact that there are people out there trying to make life hell for a fellow blogger with the sole purpose of shutting him up; to make matters worse he is a blogger who risks himself day after day to DEFEND the Constitution of the United States and its precious Bill of Right! 1SGT C.J. Grisham is a Milblogger!

I just want to the thank C.J. for all he's done for this country and most especially for his involvement in the "You Served" Blogtalk radio show in which he has vocally stood up for the soldiers, sailors, marines, and airmen. When I was in Iraq in 2006/2007, C.J. was taking on Code Pink in front of Walter Reed spreading the message of victory during the darkest hours over there, letting folks know that things were indeed better off than CNN, MSNBC, and yes even FOX News portrayed the situation. Thanks C.J. from the bottom of my heart!

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