28JAN10 Rant: Why I ignored the State of the Union Address (again)

I didn't listen to the State of the Union Address this year. Last one I actually listened to or cared about was the one George W. Bush gave following 9/11/01. Since then, I have a tradition of just following up on the following day to get the gist of the speech. While I respect this valuable tradition of the office of the President of the United States, ever since that one that I did care about I can only withstand the political theater so far. I was driving home from work (my one day of work this week! I'm a part timer after all) and I turned on the radio and heard President Obama talking. At that point I tuned him out by putting in a cassette tape (yup, I drive a car that old, and it gets 30 miles to the gallon...) and rocked out to the band Extol instead. I really needed that.

I just got over actual hatred of the President of the United States a few months back. Instead I now view him as he is, not as an object worthy of any form of sinful hate and wrath. Why did I hate this man until recently? Well, I'd just gotten back from Iraq when he made the statement about “air raiding villages and and killing innocent civilians”. For over a year after that comment I actually had blood shoot out of my eyes and my head felt like exploding. As I type about that, I must take a deep breath and just let go... Better! Why am I so passionate about that stupid comment from a then Senator now President? Well In my two tours in Iraq, well over a year of my life 6 months each time (179 days according to the orders, however travel vouchers reveal otherwise) from SEP05-FEB06 and NOV06-MAY07, I can count the days live ordnance from fixed wing Close Air Support (CAS) assets were used on one hand without all my fingers being used, and 2/3rds of that was Predator UAV's using Hellfire missiles, and I'm not counting the one time Army Apaches were utilized. This wasn't the result of not sending requests, which at least once a week happened! No, we would get denials three hours later based on the expert analysis of lawyers who were sitting in Qatar; this was under President Bush and during the time President Obama stated we were “air raiding villages and killing innocent civilians”. I was over there, 'air raids' were my business, and they certainly didn't happen until the 'Army of Heaven' decided to hole up in an orchard in FEB07 and start a fight with the Iraqi Army being trained by some Green Berets who had their USAF JTAC (whom was a CCT for that mission, but was relieved by a Stryker BDE TACP JTAC a few hours into the battle, talking on the radio for hours on end takes its toll in the desert!). That one incident resulted in 300 enemies destroyed, but you never heard about it on the news now did you?

So there in lies my reason for ignoring the POTUS at this juncture. I don't need the anger welling up again. I've ceased hating him because that is not conducive to my faith. I ceased listening to him because its the same old stuff re-hashed on a different day. All his problems were created by George W. Bush, only government under his guidance can fix the problem, I'm smarter than you because I got handed a Nobel Peace Prize, and America is sorry for causing all the worlds problems. I'm tired of it. When I start seeing something constructive from him, I might start taking him seriously. In the mean time, I'm going to ignore him and pick up the highlights from the news articles. I can't waste my time listening to his empty jaws flap and regurgitate whats on the teleprompter that his speech writer put up.

-Michael “Sudsy” Sutherland
North Pole AK 28JAN10


26JAN09 Hypocrite!

Al Gore's Hypocrisy knows no bounds! Life Hacker Article (TIME photo)

Lets start with the three big monitors, and the large TV. All likely energy efficient, but three of them eliminates any savings of energy that he encourages and wants to force on you and myself. How many deceased tree carcasses are on that desk? Then, as Life Hacker points out, why does he use a paper sketch pad instead of a white dry erase board?

Go figure. Never mind that his house uses hundreds of times more energy than any normal home, or has a carbon footprint of a large office building. Only us mere mortals are polluting the globe and killing the rain forests of South America with our evil SUV and even worse, outdoor hydronic boilers burning wood or coal! The blasphemy of our damage to dear Mother Earth...


22JAN2010 Sex! Yes, I talk about sex... I'm a good Catholic after all!

Lets talk about one of America, and indeed Humanities, greatest past times; one that is as critical to the species as eating. Sex! More specifically, procreation and the decision to have or not to have children. However, this isn't so much a political issue about abortion or contraception (well, sorta not...), this is about ending the myth and massaged story about Natural Family Planning only being 60% effective still touted by physicians to this day in our hospitals and in the halls of power (okay, so it is indeed a political issue now! What else do you expect from this blog?).

Natural Family Planning, NFP (contrary to popular belief, it doesn't stand for Not For Protestants), has received a terrible rating over the last half century. Honestly, when you look at its supposed abysmal record, there is truth to that statement if you've never moved beyond the 1950's and 60's... Back then it was only based on counting days between a womans menstrual cycles. It certainly was a 'one size fits all' mentality, not too dissimilar to a lot of other ideas about human health and nutrition from that era.

Much of that previous reputation still lives on today much like any other bad conspiracy theory. However, if you had the courage to go down to a good book store, and MANY Catholic book stores have the book from the Couple to Couple League (http://www.ccli.org/) “The Art of Natural Family Planning” (http://www.aquinasandmore.com/catholic-gifts/Art-of-Natural-Family-Planning/sku/60989)
which goes into pretty exact detail what we know now actually works with about 95%-98% accuracy (which depending on the individual, beats the 'pill' or condom... both of which are known to fail due the exact same reason NFP fails today...).

Where does this type of family planning fail? Well, typically its because one of these rules was broken:
1.You MUST follow the RULES
2.You MUST exercise SELF CONTROL
3.You MUST actually check ALL signs (temperature, mucus, etc...)
4.You MUST do it EVERY DAY

Sound familiar? Well, it is. The 'pill' requires rules 1, 3, and 4 also... Interesting... Personal responsibility! Holy Smokes! NFP requires a little PERSONAL REPSONSIBILITY and DISCIPLINE on a daily basis to work correctly?! What a strange concept for our world today, well at least European and the Americans anyway. Most other areas of the world tend believe in discipline a tad better, and I suspect for the most part personal responsibility is still held in high regard...

I can go ahead and give you the story of my wife and I, but since actual details of that personal aspect of our lives is indeed private, I won't go too far into the details. Besides, you should really research it yourself and make your decision based on facts and not the fiction you get from the family physician telling you its going to fail right out the gate. Besides, we live in a world where you cannot trust everything that everyone who wears a lab coat and has a degree on the wall says every time. Doctors, like everyone else, are just as susceptible to propaganda and politics; family planning is no exception (one should take note that NFP enriches NO major pharmaceutical drug company, while the 'pill' and other methods of contraception do indeed provide a billion dollar profit stream for the 'evil big pharmaceutical corporations... Its also 100% organic... No negative side effects beyond having control your sexual activity for a short time once a month if children are not in the picture nine months later...).

I can tell you from personal experience, our boys are spaced at 18 months apart, and it was planned to be about that way... That is our desired spacing for our children right now, and believe me we are not done having children. We won't be helping kill off our population with the negative population growth, we'll keep the species going! Did you know that the 'Population Bomb' is another myth... But that is another blog entry in and of itself...


20JAN10 Eugenics and Irish Playwrights...

What an 'amiable' fellow eh?

Never forget that Nazis and Communists are born from the same seed of Socialism, no matter how they try to hide the fact and bury it. I should mention Socialism was born from Progressivism, that good ol' fashioned early 20th Century Progressivism that Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama are proud of!


13JAN10 Bitter Sweet moment in History

Air Force Link

Maj. Russell Goodman, KIA Vietnam, remains return home, family gets closure, MIA list is one name less...


12JAN10 History painful moments, part II

05JAN10 I discussed the third combat death of a USAF TACP since Vietnam. Today, I can say he was laid to rest peacefully yesterday on 11JAN09. Its truly amazing how the internet has allowed us to participate at some small level in supporting the family of our fallen brother.

If you have Facebook, please visit the group in honor of SrA Smith.

I want to thank Rev. Tim Lewis for putting his sermon from the memorial service on the web here, along with reposting the obituary.

I was going to rant about something today, but I seem to have forgotten...

...I've been thinking of the sacrifice SrA Smith's family has made.


11JAN10 Houston Police Dept. UAV? WTFO!

Adding to the surveillance society we've created since the 1980's... I can see the logic and reasoning in the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for police work, as we did so in Iraq on continuous basis. However, there is a significant difference in the legality of using UAV's in a warzone (Iraq) and stateside during peace when the Bill of Rights restricts unreasonable searches. When disaster strikes in a manner of Katrina or forest fires, and the UAV's have a payload specific to those operations, very well; and they'd better not encrypt the video feed to restrict the publics freedom of access to that information. For SWAT raids and drug busts, maybe encrypt and record, but it will be evidence to be utilized like any other police video, or it should be anyway (there I go again changing my 'tense' in the middle of a sentence).

As a veteran who used UAV feeds in combat, I find the civilian LEO use in this manner repulsive and disturbing. Not the least of which is the very 'secretive' test conducted without authorization from the FAA to use the airspace for that purpose. The Houston Police Department needs to be investigated by the Federal Aviation Administration for several violations! Not the least of which is falsely threatening action against the News Helicopter through the FAA (wasn't 'Balloon Boy' Dad hammered for attempting to influence a public official?), and NOT coordinating the FAA the launch of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle in that block of airspace thereby putting a hazard to ALL aviation traffic in the airspace!


05JAN10 History is full of pain...

...03JAN1010 will be a date that will be remembered as a painful date. SrA Bradley R. Smith was killed in Afghanistan by an IED, he is survived by his wife and daughter. SrA Smith is the third member of the USAF TACP to have died in combat performing his duties since the Vietnam War. He was 24 years old, and will never be forgotten here by myself or any other ROMAD. VIDEO
ROMAD Locator


04JAN10 Back to the daily grind in the new decade!

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and a wondrous Epiphany are all past us now! I enjoyed my hiatus from this blog enjoying my holiday time as much as I could! My only concern was my 22DEC and 29DEC cartoons on Simple Analysis and taking care of my busted Jeep Cherokee which I finally got pieced back together this morning!

I'm not going to waste time with pointless New Years Resolutions. If I'm going to give up anything this year, I save it for the real time of sacrifice for positive life changes; LENT! Which is coming up, Easter is 04APR10... Lent is the 40 days prior to that... I do indeed think Liturgically in many respects. Its a part of who I am, and its kept me going when ALL else in this life has failed!

We've all heard about the "Underwear Bomber" and the flap that is the Obama Administration and Dept. Of Homeland Security under Janet Napolitano whom should finally get a clue and resign in disgrace. Maybe if they weren't so worried about returning GWOT veterans and closing GITMO they'd have had the resources free to notice that the father of the perpetrator contacted the US Embassy in Nigeria! Wait, the CIA was contacted, the State Department, and how many other agencies associated with the Nigerian Embassy? Wasn't that Imam in Yeman, you know the one who was associated with Maj. Hasan also liked to the "Underwear Bomber"? Interesting...

Well, welcome to a new decade! Now get out there and vote in your local elections this year and start sending a message to D.C.! Get involved! Don't be silent! Speak out and get a blog (yeah, like me, if I can do this you can too!).

Michael "Sudsy" Sutherland
04JAN2010, North Pole Alaska