26JAN09 Hypocrite!

Al Gore's Hypocrisy knows no bounds! Life Hacker Article (TIME photo)

Lets start with the three big monitors, and the large TV. All likely energy efficient, but three of them eliminates any savings of energy that he encourages and wants to force on you and myself. How many deceased tree carcasses are on that desk? Then, as Life Hacker points out, why does he use a paper sketch pad instead of a white dry erase board?

Go figure. Never mind that his house uses hundreds of times more energy than any normal home, or has a carbon footprint of a large office building. Only us mere mortals are polluting the globe and killing the rain forests of South America with our evil SUV and even worse, outdoor hydronic boilers burning wood or coal! The blasphemy of our damage to dear Mother Earth...

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bobbykro said...

The mans a hypocrite, sucked as a VP & still does