08FEB2010 Welcome SPAM! Enjoy the "Global Warming" Washington D.C.!

Lately, I've been getting interesting SPAM comments, I suggest to Blogger to fix the capita system and harden it because some bots have that thing locked down...

The East Coast is getting some lovely white stuff we all know and love called snow. Quite a shock for them because this is one of the areas in which the populace of sheepeople, with the bulk of our National Government, believes we've been going through "Global Warming" caused by our human endeavours. In fact, the Beltway Confidential editorial from the Washington Examiner points it out the best. RFK Jr. needs to get off his private jet and quit riding his limo, and make friends with normal people to find out if his statements are true...

This is a fine example of Green Fascism (like RFK Jr.'s attitude...) from Audi's Superbowl Commerical:

Climate Service Agency? Thank you President Obama... Yet another Government Agency to run every detail of our lives!

No evidence "Climate Change" caused food shortage in Africa! I always suspected strongmen dictators had more to do with this problem than any "Global Warming". So, how about some military operations to promote regime change in African Nations suffering under the thumb of dictators? Oh wait, the UN can't do that, they have to write 15-20 resolutions and impose sanctions making things much worse over the long run (killing more people) than a swift strike killing a dictator... Which will likely be carried out by the United States, Britain, Australia, and New Zealand; that will be labeled 'uni-lateral' and 'warmongering' 'expansionist' 'war for resources'.

Dutch point out errors in the UN 2007 Climate Change Report...

Climategate continues to resonate within the climate research world. Not only is God not participating in Global Warming any more (as can be evidenced by Washington D.C. being buried much to RFK Jr.'s dismay...), but Dr. Phil Jones is so embarrassed by his hubris he is contemplating suicide! Don't do it Dr. Jones, admitting your mistakes and moving on is far more important, honest, Honorable, and manly, than suicide.

King North Carolina Police Chief Paula May takes the title as Domestic Villain attacking personal freedom and the Constitution and Bill of Rights this week. She and the Mayor declared a state of emergency and forced a curfew, restrictions on purchasing alcohol, and:

"Other restrictions included a ban on the sale or purchase of any type of firearm, ammunition, explosive or any possession of such items off a person's own premises."

So, if you want to go the Red Cross shelter, you'd best leave your Constitutional Rights behind because the small town mayor and police chief just declared a state of emergency! Personally, the Governor of North Carolina needs to send in his State Guard and/or National Guard troops to arrest the Mayor and Police Chief for violations of the citizens of King Constitutional Rights during a snow storm!

continues to NOT experience the recession the rest of us have to deal with. Luckily, Sarah Palin is back in the forefront of our minds, speaking at a Tea Party Fundraiser! What a breath of fresh air for the little guy to have former Gov. Palin in our corner! She's far from perfect, but seems to be quite open about such things, which is vastly superior to the standard in politics these last few decades of trying to present the candidates as 'perfect people'.

So, the world is as it has been for some time. A dangerous place full of intrigue... Scientists are just political tools, and the real reformers are written off as nut jobs by the establishment! So, if you like Sarah Palin, welcome to the world of Punk!

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