13FEB10 BOLO BOLO BOLO Colorado Springs area!

KKTV Channel 11 Video and Photos

Be On the Look Out (BOLO) for these F#@%ers. The bounty is now up $4,000 for any information leading up the capture of these thieves who have stolen the items SrA Bradley R. Smith had on his person, to include his dog tags, when he was killed in Afghanistan on 03JAN10. They were stolen out of a vehicle his widow and mother were using at the Golden Corral on Powers BLVD in Colorado Springs. These items are priceless to the Smith family, and there is little that could be more dishonorable than to steal from these precious memories from Bradley's widow.

If I had any money, I'd toss it in the pot also...

God have mercy on these thieves, because I know that if brother ROMAD, or another Veteran catches them they'd better hope Police get them first...

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