28FEB2010 26 Years of the Alaska State Defense Force Celebrated!

Where the Alaska State Defense Force is really headed, without rumors!

On Saturday 27FEB10, the 3rd BN ASDF in Fairbanks hosted the first Alaska State Defense Force Birthday Ball, celebrating 26 years of service, at the Princess Lodge. During the duty prior to the start of the Ball, the Arctic Operations Team conducted ski maintenance and the enlisted soldiers were briefed about the next 18 months of training directives coming from the Adjutant Generals (TAG) Office and the AK Department of Veterans and Military Affairs (DMVA).

At the Birthday Ball on the evening of the 27th, we celebrated 26 years of ASDF in its current form, and honored the memory of the Alaska Territorial Guard from which we draw our heritage. Also that evening, some of the members of the Arctic Operations Team were pinned with the State Guard Association of the United States (SGAUS) Military Emergency Management (MEMS) Specialist Qualification Badge after having completed the courses with FEMA, the US Fire Service, and Dept. of Homeland Security Online courses along with a practical scenario (the running of the ATG Inc. Gun Show fund raiser, as the systems in place for National Incident Management System (NIMS)/Incident Control System (ICS) used to operate command and control during disaster are also utilized for running parades, fairs, and other community events!) and After Action Report.

On Sunday 28FEB10 LTC Holl the Brigade Commander held a question and answer session with the 3rd Battalion and passed on more information and asked for any recommendations that we had to improve our capabilities. LTC Holl was very receptive to what was suggested from our Battalion.
During this briefing we were able to completely squelch the rumors that the ASDF was on its way to being disbanded by the DMVA and TAG, instead we have been taken off the line duty and placed in a training state. Yes, we are sidelined, however this sideline serves the purpose of standardizing our organizations training with the current US Army Warrior Skills Training being conducted within the Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard components. Because State Defense Forces/State Guards (SDF/SG) follow Federal Standards, and Federal Standards have changed, we are now training to these new standards. Part of this is a transition from the Military Police role to a broader military role which focuses on more aspects of State Security, Disaster, and Emergency Response as opposed to just a focus on Law Enforcement.

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