My recommendations to Oath Keepers, and any other Veterans Organization for that matter

In light of some recent high profile cases of Stolen Valor (named after B.G. Burkett and Glenna Whitley's book), I believe its important to the cause of the Oath Keepers to ensure that our members who are Veterans be who they say they are.  At least with leadership in local organisations.  We should audit each other using the SF-180 from the National Archives in St. Louis.

Here is why.

Iraq Veterans Against the War has absolutely ZERO credibility due to the sheer overwhelming number of fakes that have joined its ranks and been spokes people, the fakes have forced the real veterans from that organisation (as a pro-OIF, and two time Iraq vet, this doesn't break my heart at all).  Two examples are Jesse MacBeth (MacBeth even talks about being coached to fake by the way) and Rick "Duncan" Strandlof.   These are just two of the high profile cases, there are hundreds of other smaller cases, a blog that has been reporting on the IVAW and its current internal strife and loss of status due to Stolen Valor is This Ain't Hell.  Based on the pain that organisation is going through from not correctly vetting its Veteran leadership...

We need to avoid the same situation.  If we are going to be a relevant force for good and reach out to our brother and sister Veterans, we need to be able to say we are Veterans beyond the shadow of a doubt.  "Audit me, make my day" should be our attitude!  That, or we'll lose all credibility the first fake that makes it to the top of our ranks and gets found out by some inquisitive investigative reporter (who would conveniently forget to do the same thing when talking to IVAW...).

Some other great resources for verifying Veterans and looking into the history of Stolen Valor and its impact on American society:

"Stolen Valor" by B.G. Burkett and Glenn Whitley

AMVets Report Stolen Valor

POW Network

The National Archives Personnel Archives, St. Louis MO

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