14JUN10 Interesting phone call....

....I came home from work today and my wife tells me a I have a message from Senator Mark Begich. My first reaction is "You mean his office called me back?" My wife informs me "No, Senator Begich called and left a message and phone number for you to call back!" Wow, that is something different so far!

His reasons for calling were that he and his staff hadn't responded to my email (see copy in the previous blog post http://trendnemesis.blogspot.com/2010/06/02jun10-air-force-veterans-view-of-air.html ). He wanted to get back with me over this and informed me his military liaison staffer would be conducting further research into the matter.

So, while I don't agree with Senator Begich on a host issues, I know he's willing to make contact and call back. Its good to know there are actually Senators out there that will indeed call back and send personal responses to constituents. So I do appreciate that Senator Begich!

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