Faith, Family, Art; the Keys to My Post Military Success


Faith and Art Therapy for post deployment recovery! An interview with Gimel Peterman who teaches out of Ft. Hood.

This interview confirms what I've felt over the last few years since 01JUL07 to be the key to my success and why I've had minimal difficulty with adjustment to civilian life. Well, its been tough, but these are the keys that have kept me on track.

Faith: For me its my Roman Catholic faith where God reached out and touched me long ago. For others, it can be another denomination or different core beliefs entirely. Research has shown that faith is a key to a strong mind. Yes, even Atheists act fervently in their beliefs, and it becomes their chosen faith. Key is a strong faith, being who I am where I've been, I'm going to say the Christian path is the one where I've seen and had the most success, to include a family member experiencing miraculous healing that a Heart Surgeon couldn't even explain...

Family: Being married a few months before deploying to a woman of great faith, and coming home to having our first child brought a power focus to my life. Not only did it give give me something to come home to from deployment, it also gave me something to prepare a future for. Now, I focus on what I can do for my family, and since being away from them was one reason I got out, its also why I'm adapting my future plans to suit my family...

...which leads to Art! As an artist, I've always used it as a way to vent every frustration I have. Sometimes, I even burn the art if its a horrible frustration. Talk about release. I have a portfolio of coffe stained cartoons on the back of inventory sheets from my second rotation in Iraq where I stayed on the FOB and just about went crazy with frustration dealing with being the communications link between guys getting shot at, and the echelons above reality saying 'no, you can't use that asset to shoot back due to collateral damage estimates; we don't care that its a farm field'. I truly believe that my venting on paper helped get me through. As disturbing as some of those cartoons were and are.

So, theres my two bits on this. Enjoy the interview!