22NOV10 Ice Storm in North Pole Alaska

Well, today the Fairbanks, North Pole, Eielson, and Salcha area is experiencing a nice ice storm. For the next few days, the roads are best traveled on ice skates! This in fact has resulting in our community experiencing events such as school closures, lost work days, and other results of inclimate weather. You would think that Fairbanks would do better when its a gorgeous 40 degrees above outside, but wait, theres more. Freezing rain. Yup, the rain turning to a nice ice glaze on top of the snow pack and our cars!

I've been through this before, in Kansas. We have a beautiful bubble of warm air visiting us from the Pacific Ocean right now. If ever there was an excuse to take Thanksgiving and the entire week off, this is it! Great time for snow balls! This is the first wet snow I've had here where I can make a GOOD snowman! That is, of course if the rain doesn't glaze it too hard first...

My furnace works even better now that its a balmy 30 above! A few shovel fulls of coal lasts 6-8 hours instead of just 4-5 like I would have planned for 20 below or colder. Who says warming is a bad thing... But then, irregardless of the fact that this isn't that unusual (Chinook Winds are common as well, being called the Pineapple Express as they originate in the Pacific as well and bring warm weather in the dead of winter here), the Global Warming apologists are going to scream about the winter of 2010 for decades to come. Never mind the last decades worth of winters being normal, if not colder in some cases... Just keep an eye on that! It'll be interesting.

In the mean time, I'm staying at home. Too many idiots out there that don't remember (me included) or don't know how (darn Californians) to drive in this weather.

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