Down with the TSA? So, how about Haiti...

Dept. of Homeland Security Transportation Safety Administration has taken Airport Security to new levels of insanity never before imagined except in the worst dystopian future stories by the likes of George Orwell and Ray Bradbury. Congressman John Mica (R-FL) is proposing the idea of privatization and elimination of the TSA, which Federal Law allows airports to do by the way. Of course, there are those of us like myself who have fought terrorists in the deserts, and studied Israeli security measures who agree that El Al's way of doing airport security are superior in every way to our own methods in this country. After all, Israel has faced these threats since the 1940's and we are new to the idea of terrorism by Islamo-fascists... There is something to be said when they study body language and behavior while asking questions instead of searching random children, flight attendants, nuns, and grandmothers. Where is the ACLU when you need em?

We also have Haiti still recovering from a major earthquake, now hurricane/tropical storm hit, suffering from cholera. Its a sad situation as it is preventable... However, the Haitians have taken to violence against the very people sent there to assist in their recovery. Yup, they blame the cholera on the Peacekeepers... Sadly, Haiti is a country ravaged by the worst poverty and despotic regimes (other than Cuba) in the Caribbean, this does nothing for them. If they take up violence against the infrastructure meant to help them, what can we do? Perhaps backing off and letting them deal with the consequences themselves would be better than just dumping food and medicine on them just to see them tear each other and the people we send there to pieces.

Considering the US economy, and the world opinion regarding our nation, I'm starting to take on an isolationist point of view. Time to send the United Nations Headquarters to Beijing since they are such a friendly city to the proletariat! After all, the companies that build luxury items and such have noticed that the wealth of the world is moving east to India, Singapore, and China. At this point in history, I think it would be wise for the United States to accept this fact, and reclaim the real estate in New York City that was handed over to the UN. Let the UN move to the economic center of the world with their friends, and lest stop wasting our tax dollars and the blood of our Soldiers, Sailors, Marines, and Airmen on the problems the UN was supposed to mobilize the world to solve (and has rarely done any good doing). Maybe while they are at it, they will realize that the only real purpose they serve is a suppository of statistical data from around the world along with being an exclusive elitists club of over-educated caviar eating champagne chugging diplomats.

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