28DEC10 Worse than Cuban Missile Crisis!

Rick Francona has a great article "Nose Under the Tent- Iranian Missiles in Venezuela" outlining the inherent threat of Iranian intermediate range ballistic missiles in South America... Even if they don't directly threaten the United States at the moment. Our allies, and the Territory of Puerto Rico are indeed threatened. Thats not the end of it either, in fact thats just the beginning, once the door is open to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps into the Americas; with our porous Southern Border, what is going to stop them from direct action against the United States? Reading about the IRGC, they are just as capable and deadly as any state intelligence agency... Backed by Islamo-Fascist leadership, we can imagine the terror they will bring with them.

Chavez working with North Korea and Iran is our biggest enemy in this decade. Currently, Chavez is securing himself more power prior to elections by using his new decree powers to take care of flood damage, by-passing parliamentary procedure and blaming the National Assembly of not caring for the people (who elected them...). In an effort to appear to want to stop drug traffic, Chavez has had is force arrest about 12,000 people on drug charges. While on the surface this is an improvement, it is my personal feeling that these people were only arrested because they aren't part of the state sponsored traffic network supporting FARC in Columbia and Chavez's interests in that countries civil war (attacking a US ally in the region).

Nobody should be surprised by these developments, as Iran, Venezuela, and North Korea are very studious in their analysis of American politics and have smelled the blood in the water so to speak with how weak our government currently is with foreign policy. No longer do they have to fear military repercussions for taking increasingly aggressive actions; our nation only wants to 'engage in diplomacy', which means old men (and women) standing around sipping champaign and eating caviar speaking in innuendo while young men spill their blood on the field of battle treated as pawns while the hordes 'migrate' and the terrorists come through with them. The connection has been obvious since 2005 for many of us, and signs where there prior to that. North Korea and Iran have been working close together for decades, especially after the Carter Administration and the Islamic Revolution in Iran created a 'rogue' state. While Russia's support to Iran has been more tacit and more along the lines of Surface to Air Missile (SAM) systems and done so to weaken any US/Israeli response, they have also put pressure on Iran regarding their nuclear program at the same time (due the threat of another nuclear armed country in close proximity to Moscow...). However, North Korea and Iran actively share technology and work together to develop and deploy missiles, along with nuclear weapons. When one does their research, they will find Iran developing home made copies of North Korean weapon systems, and more than likely they are encouraged to do so and share some of the improvements with North Korea. Now, we have the connection with Venezuela...

Current tensions between North Korea and South Korea lead me to believe they are being instigated to test a US response to a possible Korean Ceasefire collapse. For the first time in decades, North Korea is beginning to believe, rightfully so I'm afraid, that they can win the war on the Korean Peninsula. With their allies in the Middle East and in the Americas now, its likely they can very close, especially under the Obama Administration and their obsession with a broken concept of diplomacy and United Nations 'global community' response. North and South Korea exist as two nations because of such foolish notions by Harry Truman and the world in 1953 (Truman should have listened to MacArthur!).


20DEC2010 At the Edge...

Once again, our local paper the Daily News Miner here in Fairbanks Alaska is misusing the term 'militia' again in reference to a rogue gang of mis-guided citizens who erroneously claim to be the Alaska Peacemakers "Militia". How many times have we got to point out that there is only one Militia in Alaska, and its the one with officers appointed by the Governor of Alaska who serve as the Organized Militia, the core leadership, should the Governor call up the Unorganized Militia which encompasses every able bodied male Alaskan from the age of 16 to 70?! Despite the facts, both Schaeffer Cox and Chris Freiberg, along with the Daily News Miner and Southern "Poverty" Law Center continue to connect the term with privately armed mobs of angry people who espouse Conspiracy as fact. Ignorance is bliss (despite being deadly)?! Our press, and I dare say our State Government, do little to combat such ignorance.

However, I believe its part of the unity of effort of our enemies in this world that such events occur within our borders. Between threats of Al-Qaeda attacking during Christmas internally, Border Patrol Agents getting shot along the border, and looming war in the Korean Peninsula, I doubt anyone involved in securing this nation is going to have much of a Holiday season. I certainly don't want to see a nightmare of our world exploding into war during Christams, but its a possibility I cannot overlook anymore. I thought I'd come home from Iraq and live in peace, however I see that there are people in this world, I dare say my home town, who desire to bring war to my home.

It is sad to this state of things in this world. Schaeffer, believe it or not, back in early 2008 made sense before his fall into the Conspiracy laden world of Common Law and the '2nd Continental Congress' in which he came back sounding like nothing more than a Cult Leader. After the letter 5,000 of us signed was delivered to Congressman Don Young at Carl's Junior in Fairbanks, the 2nd Amendment Task Force died. Schaeffer surrounded himself with a core group of hard core 'believers' in the Redemption Movement. He had many diverse organizations infiltrated with his core, from the Oath Keepers (which I first ran across with the 2nd Amendment Task Force), to Interior Right to Life (which told him not to come back after his Domestic incident). He left egg in the face of many prominent Alaskans, from the Mayor of Wasilla, to local radio personalities in Fairbanks.

In a beautiful master stroke, the wet dream of every Liberal critic was fulfilled when Schaeffer left the reservation after his "Continental Congress". Yes, it was so beautifully executed, that I do indeed believe that more than Mr. Cox is behind his own works, in fact I believe more is behind it than even Mr. Norm Olsen and his Alaska Citizens "Militia" (formerly of the Montana Freemen, and Michigan Militia as well...). All I can say, is anyone who has been to the National Training Center at Ft. Irwin California, or the Joint Readiness Training Center at Ft. Polk Louisiana knows what might be coming next. Mostly, if you fought the old Soviet Union style conflict and trained to fight the Red Steamroller, you understand the old trick of utilizing a force behind the rear.

A force composed of 'civilians'. Those who fought in the rice patties of Vietnam know very well, as do those of us who fought in the sands and streets of Iraq and Afghanistan. Yes, we have an internal threat brewing. A disruptive force of our enemies hiding in a veil of 'Sovereign Citizens' who espouse the very same 9/11 Truther conspiracy theories that our radical Islamo-Fascist enemies in Iraq and Afghanistan (along with Iran, Venezuela and North Korea) espouse. Is it really that odd that the same people who make up Christian Identity blame the Bilderberg Group (whom they believe to be a Shadowy Cabal of Jewish Bankers) for engineering 9/11 to get the US caught up in a bankrupting war in Afghanistan and Iraq? We hear the same things being pronounced as fact by the Islamo-fascists in Iran. In fact, I remember David Duke being a guest of Iran and speaking on how fake the Holocaust was... Hmm... Do you not see the manipulation going on here? Do you not see Iran, Venezuela, and North Korea profiting from such internal disruptions?

I don't adhere to Conspiracy theories, however I personally do see an interesting connection here. I think that there is certainly, at the very least, a unity of effort by our external enemies as well as our internal enemies at work here in Fairbanks Alaska. Directly, or in-directly, Mr. Cox is doing the bidding of Kim Chong-Il
, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Hugo Chavez, George Soros, and Julian Assange.

I understand that these events are not entirely connected, however it is fascinating that they all seem to hit at about the same time. All the people listed have some desire or agenda they seek at the expense of the United States of America... Some are more complex than others, others are purely self serving to establish their own power over their own spheres of influence.

All I can say, is love your family this Christmas. Family is the most important thing you have in this world; and may very well be all you have left some day...


09DEC10, Axis of Evil update...

Remember when then President George Bush listed Iraq, Iran, and North Korea in the Axis of Evil shortly after 9/11/01 during his State of the Union? Well, we all know Iraq is certainly neutralized and well on their way to becoming a stable nation (as stable as it gets in the Middle East that is...). The conflict in Iraq is hardly over, but that is a fairly normal state for Mesopotamia.

Iran, and North Korea on the other hand...

DPRK (I like to think of them as "DeeP RocK, as they tunnel like crazy...) was in the news recently for committing the worst breach of the 1953 Ceasefire by targeting the a ROK village and ROK Marine base. Currently, tensions have risen (no surprise, however this is a biggie...) and the ROK government has fired cabinet members and Generals over the sluggish response as well as asking the UN to investigate war crimes due to the civilian deaths. This was planned to occur during a preplanned joint military exercise with ROK and US Forces (a once a quarter event, along with DPRK's saber rattling). Sadly, the world keeps forgetting that hundreds have died since the 1953 ceasefire in such incidents... All the result of the UN in the first place (that and Truman not allowing MacArthur to march on China and use nukes, which would have eliminated the worst Communist threat in the East... Harry Turtledove needs to write an Alternate History about this...).

Now, we have an unholy coalition of Venezuela and Iran; with Iran wanting to place missiles in Venezuela (while Iran is developing nukes). Hugo is a chip off the old Communist block of his idol Castro. Only this time, there sociopaths who believe in creating extreme chaos to bring about the Thirteenth Imam behind the button instead of a Khrushchev. Its funny how many people will point fingers at Christians for desiring the End Times and working to bring about chaos (when theologically, that would be heinous to any devout God fearing follower of Christ, if not blatantly heretical...), while showing sympathy to Iran and the other radical Muslims who follow the teachings of the Koran (of which I will with hold most of my judgment until I actually read it as I'm tired of people pulling my Bible out of context...). I go by history as a judge, and its obvious that a Communist/Islamo-Fascist alliance will certainly bring about terror on the scale the world has never known before. So, about our un-secure Southern border and the failed Mexican state run by the drug lords from South America who will work for the highest bidder (to include the FARC backed Columbian cocaine smugglers...).

Then there is PFC Manning (soon to be E-1 Prisoner Manning) who committed one of the worst acts of treason in American history since the day Benedict Arnold turned on us. Giving WikiLeaks thousands of documents, why? Because he's a political activist and homosexual who wants revenge, and likely just hates his country enough to be a hack. Between him and Julian Assange, the damage will occur for decades. I guess its time to return to the days of isolationism and let the world suffer without the United States?! By releasing this data, WikiLeaks has entered the world stage as nothing less than an activist spy agency dealing in intelligence, and therefore no longer a media outlet, but a target for any opposing intelligence agency in the countries they target. Currently, the United States is the target (because if they targeted Russia, the Russians would execute him with extreme prejudice, that and I'm sure Putin is quite happy with Assange). Don't worry, Assange has an army of Koolaide drinking Hackers at his beck and call to do his bidding and get revenge. Currently, they are getting ready to deport him back to Sweden for drummed up Sexual Assault charges (which considering the 'victim') appear dubious. I doubt the CIA to be involved, but with how the world 'thinks' they'll blame the CIA for every bad thing that happens to Assange (if he lives he wins; if he dies he wins bigger), he could get hit with a meteorite from space or a lightning bolt and it would be blamed on some conspiracy by the US Government (just like the Tsunamis in Indonesia a few years back).

So, the stage is set for World War III.

Enjoy, just keep on watching Dancing With the Stars and whining about Bristol Palin getting to the finals in spite of bad form (you think there is reality on TV?!).





We should never forget Pearl Harbor, ever. Nor should we forget 9/11. Every time those two days roll around, our schools should indeed focus on the teachable moments these days bring to our country in regards to vigilance and standing ready.

For me, these two articles are a link to speeches and faces of the survivors that I cherish. Originally, it was an honor to meet these WWII Vets who survived Pearl Harbor when I was a Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps Cadet. I took their advice to heart in many ways, I didn't join the service purely for the college money, I didn't do it just for the trade; I did it because I largely because I wanted to be on watch for a time like my father (Cold War) and grandfather (WWII). For me, on 9/11/01, I was on duty in the right place at the right time (even if I didn't feel that way because I didn't get shipped out right away...). I looked back at these men, and what they said that day in their speeches, and the fragments sealed themselves in my mind forever. They contrast very sharply with the views of one of my very liberal English teachers who laughed at the notion that we needed a strong military to be ready for the day when terrorists would attack our nation. The very idea mad her laugh.

I believe it was Wendell Phillips who stated that "Eternal Vigilance is the price of Liberty" and Thomas Paine who stated "Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it." How true they are.