09DEC10, Axis of Evil update...

Remember when then President George Bush listed Iraq, Iran, and North Korea in the Axis of Evil shortly after 9/11/01 during his State of the Union? Well, we all know Iraq is certainly neutralized and well on their way to becoming a stable nation (as stable as it gets in the Middle East that is...). The conflict in Iraq is hardly over, but that is a fairly normal state for Mesopotamia.

Iran, and North Korea on the other hand...

DPRK (I like to think of them as "DeeP RocK, as they tunnel like crazy...) was in the news recently for committing the worst breach of the 1953 Ceasefire by targeting the a ROK village and ROK Marine base. Currently, tensions have risen (no surprise, however this is a biggie...) and the ROK government has fired cabinet members and Generals over the sluggish response as well as asking the UN to investigate war crimes due to the civilian deaths. This was planned to occur during a preplanned joint military exercise with ROK and US Forces (a once a quarter event, along with DPRK's saber rattling). Sadly, the world keeps forgetting that hundreds have died since the 1953 ceasefire in such incidents... All the result of the UN in the first place (that and Truman not allowing MacArthur to march on China and use nukes, which would have eliminated the worst Communist threat in the East... Harry Turtledove needs to write an Alternate History about this...).

Now, we have an unholy coalition of Venezuela and Iran; with Iran wanting to place missiles in Venezuela (while Iran is developing nukes). Hugo is a chip off the old Communist block of his idol Castro. Only this time, there sociopaths who believe in creating extreme chaos to bring about the Thirteenth Imam behind the button instead of a Khrushchev. Its funny how many people will point fingers at Christians for desiring the End Times and working to bring about chaos (when theologically, that would be heinous to any devout God fearing follower of Christ, if not blatantly heretical...), while showing sympathy to Iran and the other radical Muslims who follow the teachings of the Koran (of which I will with hold most of my judgment until I actually read it as I'm tired of people pulling my Bible out of context...). I go by history as a judge, and its obvious that a Communist/Islamo-Fascist alliance will certainly bring about terror on the scale the world has never known before. So, about our un-secure Southern border and the failed Mexican state run by the drug lords from South America who will work for the highest bidder (to include the FARC backed Columbian cocaine smugglers...).

Then there is PFC Manning (soon to be E-1 Prisoner Manning) who committed one of the worst acts of treason in American history since the day Benedict Arnold turned on us. Giving WikiLeaks thousands of documents, why? Because he's a political activist and homosexual who wants revenge, and likely just hates his country enough to be a hack. Between him and Julian Assange, the damage will occur for decades. I guess its time to return to the days of isolationism and let the world suffer without the United States?! By releasing this data, WikiLeaks has entered the world stage as nothing less than an activist spy agency dealing in intelligence, and therefore no longer a media outlet, but a target for any opposing intelligence agency in the countries they target. Currently, the United States is the target (because if they targeted Russia, the Russians would execute him with extreme prejudice, that and I'm sure Putin is quite happy with Assange). Don't worry, Assange has an army of Koolaide drinking Hackers at his beck and call to do his bidding and get revenge. Currently, they are getting ready to deport him back to Sweden for drummed up Sexual Assault charges (which considering the 'victim') appear dubious. I doubt the CIA to be involved, but with how the world 'thinks' they'll blame the CIA for every bad thing that happens to Assange (if he lives he wins; if he dies he wins bigger), he could get hit with a meteorite from space or a lightning bolt and it would be blamed on some conspiracy by the US Government (just like the Tsunamis in Indonesia a few years back).

So, the stage is set for World War III.

Enjoy, just keep on watching Dancing With the Stars and whining about Bristol Palin getting to the finals in spite of bad form (you think there is reality on TV?!).

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