05JAN2011 Pornography, Feminism, and the Nuclear Family

I'm glad I have boys (right now) and not daughters. The pressure I'd face as a father of a daughter would be incredible, as my ideas of how I should be a Dad would likely conflict with the current culture these days. After all, I intend to follow my Fathers example of how he raised us, for a daughter I'd look back to how he raised my sister and ask my wife about how her father raised her. Somehow, I expect that the advice will be very similar in nature!

One of the things I know I need to do is make sure my boys understand that Pornography is clearly wrong. Yes, it is evil. I know this very well, as I struggle with it, and have ever since opening my first porno magazine sometime when I first entered the military. Our society these days views it and the subsequent sins of Lust such as masturbation, as quite 'normal' and routine, something better than going out and exploiting men and women for real or a way of 'releasing the pressure' and 'sexual tension'. Never mind that the exploitation still occurs...

Over the years, my eyes have been opened further to this exploitation, and not only from the religious background that is the basis of my moral fiber. Pornography can be seen to be a 'gateway drug' to various criminal activities (http://www.officer.com/print/Law-Enforcement-Technology/The-problem-with-porn/1$50936) as well as destroying relationships (http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,364749,00.html) along with the moral dilemma and degradation of both men and women involved in production/consumption of pornography (http://artofmanliness.com/2009/05/11/the-problem-with-porn/). Clearly, porn isn't healthy for the individual or society...

We would think that the 'Femisists' would be opposed to pornography, yet they are not. Real Feminists such as my wife or Sarah Palin on the other hand are. The 'Feminazis' that hate women like my wife on the other hand, are indeed supportive of pornography in many respects, namely the idea of women going forth and becoming porn stars and sex workers in order to earn and income and 'empower' themselves. Pardon me while I puke, but then as someone who has struggled against porn, I do indeed feel wretched due to my part in this sick cycle.

An article by Megan Fox (not the movie star mind you, but a real American Feminist) on the News Reel Blog was one of the best I'd read so far, its called the “The Squalid Truth About Pornography” (http://www.newsrealblog.com/2011/01/05/the-squalid-truth-about-pornography/) and it outlines not only the problems highlighted by many about the conditions these men and women of the industry face, but also the lies told to young women by feminazis! I don't want any of these feminazis teaching my sons, or God willing any daughters I may have in the future, anything!

Next, we find that these women who spout these lies here and in Canada who actually have children of their own are shocked to find that their daughters are acting like sluts and wanting to be used by men as objects... Cassy Fino's article “Femisogynists Shocked to Find They're Raising Slutty Daughters”. http://www.newsrealblog.com/2010/08/13/femisogynists-shocked-to-find-that-theyre-raising-slutty-daughters/ The seeds they themselves planted are sprouting.

Maybe, just maybe if Dad was included in the process and they were taught what real self respect is, they'd turn out better right? After all, if Dad is there sharpening knives and cleaning guns while the boy shows up to pick the girl up... But I digress, I'm with my Dad on this. I'm a dinosaur, I'm a man from another age, I keep Chivalry alive with my existence; in spite of all my warts and failings. Considering how things of gone since the “Sexual Revolution” and the “Liberation of Women”, are women in our society truly free, or are they really just now further enslaved since men have no need to be responsible for wooing them and then taking care of the children that might result from such actions? If porn is normal, than why are we shocked at the sexual assault rates, divorce rates, single moms and dads, pregnancies, child pornography and molestation?

I see the 1960's and the “Boomers” as the first spoiled brat generation. Their parents grew up during a Great Depression, fought a World War, faced the Red Steamroller, got educated better than any previous generation, and sent Man to the Moon; then gave their kids (the Boomers) the world on a silver platter with a golden fork. “Boomers” then decided that there were “No Heros” and that their parents were just too damn prude. So they cast off the morals and beliefs of those parents and sought to engineer a new society. Part of this was the Sexual Revolution. Congratulations Boomers, this generation of selfish kids who only seek immediate gratification and exploit others is your handy work. Its but a pale reflection of your own rebellion. This is but the fruits of labor, the final results of seeds you planted. Just admit it, you were wrong. Mom and Dad of the prudish Nuclear Family were right.

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