19JAN2010 Sick Truth!

Abortion, most especially late term partial birth abortion past the point in which premature babies have been born and live normal health lives, is nothing less than pure evil and a blight on our modern society. So much for human rights when genocide happens on a grand scale these days as millions of murders occur in such a manner. Yet, its all about the rights of the mother?! One psycho goes off in Arizona and anyone outspoken about the Right to Bear Arms is targeted as a murderer, while the same people who talk of 'vitriol' and 'rabid violent speech' vigorously defend the practice of partial birth abortion.

Who performs such procedures? Dr. Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia did... That is until his clinic was raided. Why was it raided and he charged? Murder. A 41 year old patient died under his care. So his clinic got shut down, and then raided. What did they find? Bodies, and severed limbs. The stuff of horror stories, but don't worry, they aren't human, just fetuses (unless you are like me and Pro Life...). They also found out that Herr Doktor performed LATE term abortions illegally, into the final trimester up to 8 months along (when pre-mature births at as early as 6 to 7 months have survived and now live normal healthy lives...). It should be even more infuriating to find that Herr Doktor Gosnell was assisted by UN-QUALIFIED personnel, to include a high schooler who dispensed anesthetics... Whats worse, is being an African American, he targeted minorities and the poor; he would have made Madame Margaret Sanger very proud for helping get rid of 'riff-raff' and 'inferiors' in society.

I'd better quit typing before my head explodes...

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