21MAR11, Whats up with IACC and Tin Foil Hats?

I was there when IACC got started as a grass roots organization promoting Conservative ideas here in the Fairbanks area. It was shortly after the 2nd Amendment Task Force began (and before it became the Schaeffer Cox personality cult, and disintegrated as a result of Cox going over the edge with his fellow Conspiracy Nuts at the "Continental Congress 2009"...). A large part of the momentum was to get Conservatives to organize and get a better unity of effort instead of running against each other and allow the more Liberal politicians to win with less than 50% of the vote (after all, in our local elections the only reason we have Liberals is because two or three Conservatives are vying for the same seat and there are no primaries...). Those not from Alaska my wonder why I'm using the terms Conservative and Liberal versus Republican and Democrat; lets just say our Democrats are more conservative than some East Coast Republicans... Its values not politics at play here... Forget the party mold.

Thats what I liked about IACC. I did some cartoons for them, and came out to many events they organized. They are in fact our local 9/12 Project HQ, Right to Life, and many number of wonderful organizations come under their umbrella to meet at the IACC storefront. They publish a wonderful news letter called the Woodshed. To date, they have done a lot of wonderful work assisting locals here in making sure our wood and coal stoves and furnaces are protected in the face of ever skyrocketing fuel oil prices and the failure of industry and the State of Alaska (as a result of the Federal overreach) to build a Natural Gas Pipeline.

However, somethings have been starting to nag me about some folks they have chosen for certain positions in that organization. So I wrote them an email:


I'm curious about the role played by XXX XXX in the IACC. I'm not at all a fan of conspiracy theories (and I'm not impressed with YYY YYY's rants on the radio either that border on paranoid black helicopter theories). About a week ago, he articulated he isn't involved in the Political system at all, to include not voting in elections; and yet I see he is an active member of IACC.

This concerns me as voting plays a critical role to the health of our Constitutional Republic in which the political system is based upon Representative Democracy. I believe in restoring the institution to what its supposed to be through the ballot box as our Founders intended the ballot box to be. However, it concerns me in light of what happened recently with Schaeffer Cox about the direction IACC seems to be heading with yet another person who is disillusioned by the ballot box.

I want to know XXX's plan to restore our political system from outside the realm of the ballot box. Without knowing what his idea is, my only conclusion at this point based on all the conspiracy talk I'm starting hear more and more of from the vocal members of the IACC seems to be armed revolt in the manner pursued by Cox and his acolytes (after all, we all witnessed the 2nd Amendment Task Force degrade into a very small cult of personality centered around Cox).

A detailed plan from XXX about his goals and objectives would put my mind at ease. However, right now, I'm not even sure I want to be associated with IACC with the conspiratorial chatter that seems to be gaining more and more influence in IACC. I've been quite a proud supporter, donating cartoons and such, and fully believe in the mission of the IACC to reform the local communities politics by promoting Conservative values; however I must admit I absolutely abhor the black helicopter conspiracy theories that have little to no basis in reality and believe that such people are a cancer to the credibility of our side of the argument. Talk of the Bilderberg Group, Bohemian Grove, and 9/11 'Truth' shouldn't be any part of the IACC's public discourse. None have much basis in reality, and will end up being a cancer to the credibility of the organization as a whole if it becomes the forefront of why members support certain policies.

What I observed in the case of Schaeffer Cox, and where I broke ties, was the supposed Continental Congress 2009 which became a meeting of Conspiracy nuts. Just about every document that came out of that meeting Illinois was targeting what they believed were the Powers that Be that lied about 9/11 and are working to create a New World Order; the Bilderbergs, the Tri-Lateral Commission, etc... Cox came back, and went down that dark road that now has him in jail and awaiting trial. Thus far, I've not seen a case in which belief in such things has ended well when they become the center of a political argument and organization.

If such beliefs are the motivation of IACCs work, tell me now. I want no part in promoting such ridiculous ideas. I don't care if people hold those ideas, what concerns me is when the vocal members of IACC are on the radio every week promoting such things and thats about all I see come out IACC on the air.


Michael "Sudsy" Sutherland

Lets just say, I don't believe the Conspiracies out there about 9/11, the Bilderbergs, or FEMA Camps. I've also seen these theories fuel the hatred of the Islamo-Fascists and Leftists as much as the supposed 'extreme right wing' that Napolitano and the Southern "Poverty Law Center" rant about. I'm eagerly awaiting a response.

After all, I want no part in promoting crazy ideas, I'm just too damn skeptical.


14MAR11 Citizen? Then Vote!

Today I ran across an individual who believed in 'not participating' in the political system, to the point of not even voting; and yet they lead a 'Freedom Initiative' movement that is working to audit the Federal Reserve (an action I do indeed agree with very much). However, Its my opinion that not voting, this person has indeed abdicated their citizenship and indeed for me their opinions regarding the Political Landscape in the United States. Not voting is turning over and ceasing to fight (rhetorically) and surrendering to the whim of whom ever is in charge; not voting and complaining about government is not only surrendering to the whim of such government, but complaining without doing any think to positively effect said government.

As I go through the Constitution of the United States, I see the vote and participation of the Citizen a requirement for the maintenance of this Republic. In order to keep the Republic from slinking into simple “mob rule” of Athenian Democracy, the Founders established a Representative Democracy in the Legislative Branch of our Government through the House of Representatives. All bills involving revenue and its generation (taxation) must start in the House, the PEOPLEs Representatives chosen directly through the democratic process in each district based on population size in order to get the best representation possible across the land (and by no means perfect, and currently exploited in many cases sadly). In the beginning, until the 17th Amendment in 1912, our Senators were chosen by our State Legislators, this separated the democratic process from the direct democracy into the representative democracy that prevails through the rest of our government. Since we chose our State Legislators directly, they in turn would vote for the Senators based upon their obligations to their State Constituency. This created a bit more of a 'refined' wing to the Legislative Branch of government, as the Senate is where treaties and other affairs that affect Foreign Policy are decided. Now, we have more direct control over our Senators, and I can't say its the best thing as now it seems we have greater mob rule in the Senate... But I digress, voting is still critical no matter if we vote directly for the Representative, or we elect a State Legislator to chose our Senator. Ben Franklin's quote about maintaining the Republic comes to my mind on this issue.

While I find myself getting angry and blurting out “YOU DON'T VOTE? DON'T BITCH!” quickly followed by “Maybe we should remove your citizenship and turn you into a resident” I'm not going to actively seek to do that. No, the idea doesn't make me a Fascist, those that think so should compare and contrast the Fascists to the Communists and re-assess. I'm not a Fascist, I'm a Federalist, and one that believes strongly in taking responsibility for the maintenance of my beloved Republic. While I rhetorically hammer folks for failing to do so, I have NO INTEREST in actually carrying it out. In many cases such shocking language is required to get some people to stop and think about their apathy and its impact. I'm furious at the 30% turnout at the polls during elections. My point with those conversations is to indeed get folks to get off their butts and out to the polls. Those who don't believe in this cornerstone of this Republic should indeed be ashamed. Besides, when you cease to vote, no one needs to take your Rights as a citizen away from you, you just cast them aside yourself. All I do when I mention the heavy handed 'stripping' is point it out... And advocate for your protection as merely a resident.

When asked how would they would go about changing the government without voting, this person responded with the question of how can we change it with voting. What a stupid response. Its just an evasion, just like the very politicians we seek to remove from power by simply voting for someone else. Sure, voting isn't the perfect way to ensure our government remains the protector of our natural God given rights, however it sure as hell beats a bloody removal from power of a dictator that takes years to really build up for. Every two years, we overthrow by force of the ballot, sections of our government be they local, state or federal. In a lot of cases, we keep the same people. Thats part of being a Representative Democracy (and if you don't know what Representative Democracy is, you need to remove your head from your cranium and LEARN something, thereby becoming a better informed Citizen, and I daresay VOTER).

When we vote, and things don't turn out our way, we have every right to be angry, and we still have recourse to express our opposing points of view. Even when a person is elected to an office, they have obligation to protect the rights of all their Constituents, no matter if they voted for them or not; and they are accountable to them. What we have witnessed here is the failure of many politicians to realize this duty to protect the rights of all Citizens; not the failure of Representative Democracy and the ballot box. Instead we have the perfect storm of Voter apathy, corruption of Government, and failure to fulfill duty. Because the Voter participates in the system, they have every reason to experience righteous indignation and anger. The non-participant, abdicates theirs by virtue of failing to partake in the most basic, and important, office of our nations government, Citizen.

Voting is, by its very nation, the Citizen applying force against the government. Force need not be violent and deadly like we first visualize when the word 'force' is used. Force of will is what it is. If the framers of our Constitution didn't believe in the awesome responsibility of Citizenship and the power of the Ballot Box over Government, we'd have been left as peons and peasants with not ability to Vote from the get go of the Constitution. Peons and Peasants can't vote, and are required to accept their lot in life and submit to the Citizens who can vote, hold property, and carry arms. Our Founders understood this well, and unlike the Roman Republic, and those that followed up until our Constitutional Convention, they worked to ensure all Americans were Citizens (even if the final draft conspicuously left the Slaves and Native Americans out of the picture... It is interesting to note that Ben Franklin went on to be one of the leading Abolitionists of his day... It was indeed a political concession in order to get the Southern States to ratify the final draft of the Constitution, that the process of Amendments was written in to support such changes).

For me, it is utterly alien to believe that Voting is trivial and pointless. The results vary greatly, however it is my obligation to vote. I feel compelled to vote, even though I know for certain that things might not always turn out exactly my way (300 million Americans, I'm sure not everyone thinks like I do...). Too many Flags over too many graves stones for me to not vote. But then, if you don't think that American servicemen die to secure such Liberties, by all means, continue with your apathy and ignorance. If you don't vote, how do you plan to change government and secure your rights? Revolution? Thats the way it seems some folks are going right now... After all, look at what those 14 Democratic State Senators did in Wisconsin... They knew they'd be defeated and just decided not to vote, jump state, and ensure the Unions had time to gather a storm of protestors with the intention of intimidating the peoples chosen representatives and governor into changing their minds about public employee collective bargaining.

To me, not voting is a cancer to this Republic. Its motivated by apathy, or anarchy. Neither is conducive to the continued health of this Republic.