25UN11 Debt Ceiling Speech Rant


After listening to President Obama's speech about the need to increase the debt ceiling today, I'm pretty flabbergasted at the stupidity of some of the things he said. Primarily the idea that money was 'spending money on tax cuts'. This is the dumbest thing I heard the President say during his speech. How do you spend money on tax cuts? What tax cuts are, is taking in less revenue to begin with, not spending said revenue. How do you spend more by taking in less income? It makes no sense to me, but then I'm not a Washington double speaker from Chicago.

A “Cuts only Approach” is certainly a solid plan. Our tax structure is fine, and if there is reform needed, its a flat tax in which 100% of the working population pays the exact same percentage of their income no matter how much they make... This has worked in European countries rife with corruption and debt to reduce both factors considerably (Estonia for example, less tax evasion as result of everyone paying the same percentage... Its honestly easier to enforce!). But I digress... I'm getting out of my own personal debt. Sure, I tried to increase my revenue by taking another job or two (part time), but that doesn't work as well, in fact I suffer more tax consequences as a result of that due to the tax bracket I'm in and how much is with-held (or not, and will be due come next April, thank you State of Alaska Dept. of Forestry for not with holding like I filled out on my paperwork for you to do...). Since that didn't work, I'm taking steps that are nothing less than that evil “Cuts Only Approach” the President so fears. For my personal debt, it makes no sense to keep spending money if I want out of debt and have the same income. The same applies to Governments. Money, unlike Diplomacy, works the exact same be it be the microscopic personal economics of my home budget; or the macroeconomic international economics of the US Government. You are only worth your Income minus Liabilities.

Currently, our nation (and sadly my personal budget) has more liabilities than income. Best way to fix the problem is get rid of the liabilities as increasing the revenue gained will result in more disasters economically. Why do we need so many redundant US government programs? Why not let the States do that much better? Why should the US bail out failed business models such as the US auto and banking industries which would be better left to go 'bust' and allow the well built companies to continue to thrive? TARP just drew out the economic pain longer. We should have let them fail, accepted the pain then, and found ourselves recovering now. Any time the government steps in to take over, whatever it touches is tainted.

Honestly, with the mission in Iraq about complete its time to get our guys out of there. In Afghanistan, we should leave a skeleton presence as any nation that has tried to 'tame' that nation has ended up collapsing... Time to just let the Afghani's determine their own fate (and sadly, its going to end up going back to the Warlords, as it has just about every time in that nations history). Another reality, is why are we even bothering with Libya? Really, our NATO allies who have all just about failed in their NATO obligation to spend at least 2% of their GDP can worry about it, or not. Other than letting CIA loose, we need our troops home from that mission as well. If any region in Africa needs our attention, its the piracy problem off the coast of Somalia (fixed by arming the US Merchant Marine Sailors, and letting the Green Berets, Rangers, SEALs and CIA have a heyday in Mogadishu again...). On top of that, the Army and Air Force don't need NASCAR vehicles running races wasting our dollars on the track for 'recruiting'. There are indeed places we could cut the military budget without compromising the current operations that are critical to our nation's security.

This along with other cuts across the board, to include all the pet projects that Congress created for their constituents... No more pork! Cut everything but the REAL essentials! Stop wasting money! Its simple stupid.

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