04OCT11 FNSB Elections!

Here are my election predictions for the Fairbanks Northstar Borough. Its about 2:50 PM, and I'm about ready to head out to the North Pole traffic circles with my kids for some good ol' fashioned sign waving!

Michael Dukes is likely to win his bid for re-election. But then, since I'm a dedicated listener of his, and I haven't seen his opponents ads or signs everywhere... I'm biased.

Here is where it gets tricky. Between the Bennett Brothers in their two races (Josh and Aaron) I suspect neither will win their bid this election cycle. In fact, I'm positive both will lose their races, as well as Joe Blanchard and Guy Sattley. The fallout will certainly be more whining on their part with David Gissel that its proof positive that voting doesn't work. Let us hope they learned from Schaeffer's past going down that path that forming a 'gang' erroneously labeled 'citizens militia' is a bad way to go; and that going back to the drawing board and planning for next election is the way to go. Both Aaron and Josh seem much more organized this time, and getting a radio show on Saturday mornings will likely get them more votes and support. I suspect their loss won't be as great, I'll even venture to say that one of them might even pull off an upset. I'm no expert, there are no real polls on that, after all its a local election. Got to give them both credit for giving it a shot and trying, and with the incumbents being at a disadvantage due to past decisions, anything can happen. Sadly though, I think the Unions are going to be able to get their boys (Davies at least) in because that segment of the population will only have one candidate out on top verses the current split conservative vote.

Proposition 2 is likely to fail. Perhaps not with the astounding 60% vote that the voters initiative forbidding the Borough to ban heating devices had, but I think most Alaskans when its said and done will see the ban for what it is and vote NO. Sure, it'll have the most support in the Ester Goldstream and University voting districts, however it'll likely fail in the North Pole districts. Swing vote will be in Fairbanks itself. With the ban they've already faced, who knows; maybe they won't screw over everyone else in the borough. If it does pass, I'm positive there will be a lawsuit filed; I might even throw some cash to fight it if it does pass! I'm one of those people that can't afford the oil any longer!

Bonds, and School Board... Who knows. I give the Bonds a 50/50. The only un-opposed School Board race should be interesting. I've only heard Ryan Smith on the radio, and nothing about or from Sharon McConnell. So, that being the case, and at least hearing Mr. Smith on the radio at least once, I voted for him.

Don't like what I've got to say? Well get your arse to the polls before 1900 (7 PM) and Vote!

Don't Vote? Don't Bitch.

If you vote, you might not get the government you want; but if you don't vote you always get the government you deserve (to include the next dictator...).