13DEC11 Skepticism pays off... Sometimes...

Why I'm a skeptic about Conspiracy Theories...


...and yet keep a wary eye on government intrusion regardless.

'As of late Monday, Oath Keepers had pulled the food storage raid story from their website, and gave an explanation that stated:

“We have pulled this story about the Mormon cannery being visited by federal agents because the source of the information at the cannery is now denying that he ever told us that event occurred.” '

However, the poking around does lead to some questions, though indeed if its the county asking 'are you prepared' its completely different from the Federal government knocking on the door demanding an inventory and searching without a warrant like the alarmists are screaming (A certain local 'tactical' store owner comes to mind...).

"But the full context to the story does not seem to end there. It turns out authorities have been poking around and asking Tennesseans about their emergency preparations, even going door-to-door with questionnaires.

Local Nashville news broadcasters at WTVF-TV reported on house-by-house Metro Public Health department efforts to check on citizens’ emergency preparedness, including the off-putting line that ”The county still wants to know exactly what you are doing to start thinking ahead:”

As it stands, the Surplus Store alert from BJA still has yet to be debunked...

"The Blaze called one of the phone numbers listed on the flyer, and it is in fact a direct line to a joint terrorism analysis fusion center in Colorado. When asked for an official comment on the distribution of the flyer, a fusion center officer declined to comment and stated that any request would have to be made in writing."

Nor do I think it will be.  In light of MIAC and the 2009 DHS 'Right Wing' Extremism report targeting GWOT veterans as potential domestic terrorist threats...  Of course, my excessive skepticism about all things coming from the Prison Planet crowd back in '08 did bite me when I stated here on this blog that I thought the MIAC report was joke.

That taken in context with Senate Bill 1867 still leaves that lovely creepy feeling in the back of my mind....

The Blaze Article:

Lets not forget the 10DEC11 use of an RQ-9B Predator by the Air Force in support of a local police agency...  Yes, it gets creepier and creepier, and people wonder why stories like the one from Oath Keepers grab hold and never let themselves go from the national conscience...  Never mind the kernels of truth to these sensationalized stories that are in fact very real oversteps by our Federal Government these days.

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