18FEB12 News and Skepticism

Gathering informations from various news sources.  Being skeptical, I did a quick Google Search because the first article I read was from a source that for whatever reason got my skepticism in full swing:


Patriot Newswire paints the story of a victim of police brutality.  A 'victim' that the police had absolutely no reason to shoot what so ever because he had a baby in his arms; while the officer who engaged him has been involved in seven shootings now.  Largely, what concerns me about this first source is how they really build up the 'this guy was all about liberty' and part of the 'patriot movement' and so this is a government conspiracy to kill (coming just short of saying it was ordered by the Obama Administration).

Next, I found a local news source:


I won't say its much better.  It starts out with describing two loaded pistols found feet away (but not on the person) of the man killed.  Being that they weren't on his person, but 'a few feet away' is indeed concerning, especially since the closest one was stuffed in chair cushions in what sounds like out of sight.  By reading this article, we find that Loxas was out walking with his grandson when he got into an argument with neighbors and 'threatened them' with his pistol.  However, we don't know the nature of the argument, or if in fact because Loxas had his grandson in his arms if his 'brandishing' might have in fact been an act of self defense on his part (in which case, frankly he should have retreated and called the police himself to report the incident...  Should be interesting to see if that happened during the course of the investigation).  It is indeed a bit disturbing that they found a 'functional IED'.  Beyond describing Officer Peters as a 12 year veteran, we don't find out much else.  Almost objective, of course they seem focused on 'this guy had guns and explosives in his house'.  While the IED with black powder and ball bearings is a bit suspicious, we all have 'bomb making materials' in our homes (few of us realize it is all).

Then we have MSNBC:


They go right into questioning the officer without going into the background of the suspect one bit.  I expect nothing less from them however...

Huffington Post/Associated Press report is similar, but at least provides a considerably longer background on Officer Peters and his 12 year career:


So far, each of these in one form another offers us a skewed perspective.  So, its up to use to do our homework and figure it out.  Frankly, there are questions about both Loxas and Peters.  Over the last few years, I've seen some nut jobs come to the forefront of the 'patriot' movement (locally) and become extremely egotistical.  However at the same time, we've also seen agencies continue to employ much more brutal techniques and leave certain standards behind.  Officer Peters doesn't appear to have fought in GWOT where we have indeed seen suicide bombers use children as decoys, and based on past investigations and based on the quoted lawyer who has represented officers who've had to shoot to kill in the line of duty, his actions do warrant extreme scrutiny in light of the fact that the suspect killed had no weapons on his person and may have not had that pistol even within reach.

This certainly isn't a black and white case of another patriot being snuffed by the evil government, nor is it a clear case of a nut job threat being taken out after losing it.  It is however a case worth following.

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