13APR12 Insult MY Mother to while you are at it...


Dear Hilary Rosen, 

Thank you for insulting my dear mother who stayed at home as a mom for about 15 years. Its wonderful to know that your party has declared war on women like my mother, in spite of Joe Biden's assertion that it is the Republicans who have declared war on women.

Just so you know, my mother went back to work and obtained a job as an executive assistant and earned as much as someone with decades of experience. Why? Well, she spent the time learning to type at home, and was quite used to the chaos that four kids (especially the antics of the two youngest, my little brother and myself) could bring to the table while she was on the phone. This translated into very real world experience that she brought to the office in the form of non-tangible life experience that a sheepskin from a university cannot impart. Her boss liked the work ethic, and attention to detail, as well as mulch-tasking she brought to the office from the house and ensured she was paid well for her position and her valued position as his executive assistant.

This is why my family is staunchly anti-Democrat. This is the crap that you fielded in the 1980's that turned my traditionally Democratic parents, and grandparents, into Republicans. When your party decided that 'stay at home' was merely repression and suppression of a woman's talent, and not a choice she makes, you alienated women like my mother, and my Memere (my mother's mom, its French Canadian...). Your anti-traditional crusade is well noted, and revealed every time you open your mouths and criticize the spouse and children of those running against your candidates. This was most noted in the 2008 Election with all your wonderful comments about my Governor Sarah Palin, and is coming out again with your comments about Mrs. Romney.

I'm not major Romney fan myself, after all his records regarding the 2nd Amendment as well as his positions on Abortion and Socialized Medicine are enough to convince me that I may very well not vote for him at this point (we'll see what happens when VP's are picked). However, going so low as to call Housewife, Homemaker, or Stay-At-Home not a real profession goes as low as the mocking of Former Governor Palin's mentally disabled child. 

However, seeing as how Democrats these days are prone to cult like hero worship based only upon Race, Gender, and Creed so long as they exist outside the 'traditional' norm... I doubt I'll be able to change anyone's mind as they are as clamped tight as that of the Phelps Klan in Topeka KS.


Former USAF TACP ROMAD with 2 tours in Iraq, a year in Korea, and darn near 7 years with the Army; and current STAY AT HOME DAD with a Career Veterinarian Wife ready to swap and be a STAY AT HOME MOM (when Dad uses the GI Bill and can get a better job...)

Michael "Sudsy" Sutherland

ps- Oh, and my Mom also is writing a book... I'll bet there will be something about her experiences with bigotry from Femi-Nazis like you during the 1990s and beyond who looked down her like dirt because she was a housewife who came into the office and outperformed them....

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