28AUG12 Jumping TOC

Yup, I'm jumping my Tactical Operations Center.  Okay, not really, I'm just moving my home back to the Lower 48 after over eight years in Alaska.  Mostly for family reasons, but the price of fuel hasn't helped much either.

I'll probably rant more in the future, but that will change from Alaska based ranting to Nebraska based ranting; and mostly about the inevitable changes.

I have great fears about how I'm going to react to city driving once again, overly overbearing laws that govern every aspect of my life, and the taxes.  Lucky us, the cost of living is lower right?  Another thing I have to give up is service in a REAL Militia.  I sadly had to turn in my ID Card and be discharged from serving Alaska in March when I knew I was going to move.  Its what I'm going to miss most about Alaska, a real Militia maintained by the State (even if it seems dysfunctional at times).  That, and I will miss my Right to Carry without needing to ask the State permission.  That's right, I'm going to have to prove I'm a good guy first to carry concealed in Nebraska instead of being trusted until I screw up like I can here in Alaska.  To top it off, my head exploded when I found out its criminal to carry concealed with a permit in any place of worship.  I guess the idea that a place of worship could be shot up by someone who doesn't give a damn has escaped the minds of Nebraska's politicians.  Never mind recent events...

So, first trial is passing through Canada.  Then its on to adjust to life in the Lower 48 again.