States That End in 'aska Part II

After the travels, I was in for some culture shock. Obviously, first thing was the traffic that a city of over 600,000 people can contain. Sure, its not big to some folks... But hey, the entire borough I lived in only contained 90,000 people (and Alaska had under 700,000 last census); I've been out of the traffic situation for over eight years! I will be spending lots of time developing a comfort zone where people weave in and out of four lanes of Interstate (I-680 and I-80) less than three feet from my front and rear bumpers!

However, that was the least shocking part...

...What angers me most about the area, specifically within Omaha City Limits, is the registration requirements and micro managing of your life that goes on. First and foremost in my mind is the requirement of the City to register all pistols in your possession and that you purchase in city limits. This requires a Purchase Permit from the Douglas County Sheriffs Office ($5, fill out what equates to a BATFE 4473, get a background check and then they hand you the card, see http://www.omahasheriff.org/services/gun-permits ), then you have permission to look at and purchase pistols. However, when you decide on one, you are then required to to go to the Omaha Police Department, fill out another form, and register it with them paying yet another few dollars ($15, see http://opd.ci.omaha.ne.us/services/citizen-services/handgun-registration ). You can however bypass most of this by NOT living in Omaha and getting a Concealed Carry Permit (something I intend to do VERY SOON). Oh and even if you get a CCW, just watch out for all the No Guns Allowed (just come in and rob us) Signs around town. I intend to NOT give ANY of them my business and encourage others to do the same.

Then we get into pets... Pets in Omaha must be registered not through the City like most other cities (to include the capital Lincoln), but through the vehemently anti-hunting and pro-PETA Humane Society, albeit a local chapter (unless of course, local Humane Society chapters have nothing to do with the National organization of the same name... I could be wrong, but the connection is too strong...). While I am all for outsourcing certain functions to save taxpayer dollars, I think its ridiculous in this regard as the Humane Society has become a city government agency instead of a non-governmental agency...

...more on this later, as it has a huge impact on my family as my wife is a Veterinarian and has some rather strong opinions about this organization and the influence they wield in the policy realm that has a direct impact on her and her profession. Needless to say, Humane Society favors Animal Rights over Animal Welfare; meaning that they think your dog has rights just as you do. Wonderful isn't it... Never mind that the majority of the members of the American Veterinary Health Association are in opposition to this animistic spirituality that the Humane Society, PETA, and other pseudo-science groups tout (to include President Obama's Regulatory Czar Cass Sunstein). There is a significant difference between Animal Welfare and Animal Rights, and that's going to have to be a blog in and of itself someday.

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