29AUG13 Inconvenient Information

With regard to Syria, many are comparing the WMD situation to that in Iraq; and most news stories go something like this Sky News Report: http://news.sky.com/story/1134423/ghost-of-iraq-wmd-haunts-intelligence-agencies "The temptation among some viewing Syria this week has been to see it as Iraq WMD the sequel."

Never mind that the United States did PLENTY of WMD material and weapons throughout Iraq.  One of the more positive items to fallout of the WikiLeaks document leak (for which Bradley Manning has been sentenced to 35 years in prison for leaking), are the intelligence reports stating this fact.  A fact overlooked by every major news organization that talks about the "Iraq WMD scandal" (in the above example, Sky News, but CNN, Fox, NBC, ABC, Huffington Post, and others are just as guilty).

Whats my source?  Well, for one, if you downloaded the WikiLeaks documentation....  Search for it.  Or, you can take a look at these forgotten articles from 2010:



Trivial amounts you might say.  But then, so is actual hard evidence of 'atrocities' committed by US military personnel against civilians, and I mean that by way of actual war crimes and other crimes (other crimes being assaults, thefts, etc which sadly are unavoidable in any human population).  Fact is, US military personnel are more likely victims of violent crimes by US military personnel than actual innocent Iraqi civilians (especially in cases of rape, just check out the Army sexual assault numbers...).

To say that Iraqi weapons didn't end up in Syria is ignorant.  To say large quantities NEVER made it is ludicrous.  As the WikiLeaks examples show, its probable.  Debatable, yes.  Requiring verification, certainly.
On that note...  I'm largely against actions against Syria.  Why?  Well, strategically that ship sailed when US ground forces largely were pulled from Iraq.  What are we going to do in Syria other than toss some missiles in ineffectively?  Yes, they are killing thousands of their own people.  However, you have the monster Assad on one side and the monsters Al-Qaeda on the other.  For the United States to do anything, other a total invasion in which we must kill the rebels and government forces, is to make a move for a monster.  One that is a dictator willing to gas thousands, and the other a terrorist organization that hit the World Trade Center on 9/11/01 and killed over 3,000 Americans.

We need support neither.  If anything, CIA clandestine operations should be used to spot targets on the ground for Israeli and Turkish bombers...  Pressure should be placed on Russia, Assad's ally in the UN on this matter, to reign his forces in.  Maybe its time for Russia to show the world they actually care more about Syrian civilians more than they care for Assad's business purchasing SAM weapons systems.  At this point, it can be seen that Russia is supporting the monster; like the US with Saddam, they have the obligation to control or remove the monster Assad or his cronies for war crimes.

On another note, with regard to inconvenient statistics...  I know on my side bars I have (or should have) links to the FBI Uniform Crime Reports.  These are very inconvenient for those who support gun control and try to say that Chicago, Los Angles, and Washington DC are safer for having some of the most restrictive laws...  Especially when the rate per 100,000 makes Chicago and DC neck and neck for homicide capitol of the US. However, its harder to see how we compare to Europe and the rest of the world...  Until Harvard did a study: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2013/08/27/Harvard-Study-Shows-No-Correlation-Between-Strict-Gun-Control-And-Less-Crime-Violence

"...numbers for Eastern European gun ownership and corresponding murder rates, it is readily apparent that less guns to do not mean less death. In Russia, where the rate of gun ownership is 4,000 per 100,000 inhabitants, the murder rate was 20.52 per 100,000 in 2002. That same year in Finland, where the rater of gun ownership is exceedingly higher--39,000 per 100,000--the murder rate was almost nill, at 1.98 per 100,000.
Looking at Western Europe, the study shows that Norway "has far and away Western Europe's highest household gun ownership rate (32%), but also its lowest murder rate." (emphasis mine)
Interesting how that works...  Oh, and about suicides:
"The U.S., which is so often labeled as the most violent nation in the world by gun control proponents, comes in 7th--behind Russia, Estonia, Lativa, Lithuania, Belarus, and the Ukraine--in murders. America also only ranks 22nd in suicides. "
I have an old classmate that attend Ivy League schools who spouts off the same Liberal talking points this report coldly, and concisely, debunks.  Guess one mass shooting (in Norway especially) doesn't make for a violent nation of armed sociopaths after all...  Tragic as they are, they are news because they are so rare, unlike the mafia killings that are rampant in Russia and other eastern European nations (along with terrorist attacks, and yes, government executions of reporters who question Putin).


25APR13 Iraq's WMDs FOUND, and used by Syria...

As I've stated before, I'll probably go to my grave knowing that Iraq had the WMDs we invaded them to get rid of...  We just showed up too late.  Well, my belief based on various sources (not the least this 2006 NY Sun article http://www.nysun.com/foreign/iraqs-wmd-secreted-in-syria-sada-says/26514/), may very well have proven more solid.

Intelligence has just confirmed that the Bashar Assad regime has used sarin gas on its own people, not once, but TWICE already: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2013/04/25/hagel-says-evidence-chemical-weapons-were-used-in-syria/  How much do you want to bet its from Iraq?!  If not all of it, some of it.  Syria was the mouse hole by which many Former Regime Elements (FRE) of Saddam's Ba'ath Party escaped prior to the US invasion in 2003 (Assad's party is the Ba'ath Party of Syria if I recall, funny how that works...).  But hey, we are just full of shit right?!

More bodies fill mass graves while the diplomats in the 'international community' talk of strong actions against the regime.  If you were serious, bombs should have been falling there MONTHS ago instead of our wasting time and resources propping up the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Libya you morons.

One can only hope Israel picks up our slack and slags what they can of these supplies.

Meanwhile, the DNI (I pronounce it DeeNye as in 'deny') has confirmed that once again during the Obama Administration that the intelligence community connected all the dots, and failed to stop a terrorist from reaching their target and instigating mayhem (and in this case) destruction: http://freebeacon.com/top-intel-official-the-dots-were-connected/ 

“The rules were abided by, as best as I can tell at this point,” Clapper is quoted as saying. “The dots were connected.”

Clapper’s statement is reminiscent of remarks by Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano following the attempted Christmas Day bombing of Detroit-bound flight by the so-called Underwear Bomber Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab. Napolitano went on national television and claimed “the system worked” despite repeated warnings about Abdulmutallab, including an attempt by his own family to alert the US government about the threat he posed.

No shit.  Here they were spending a lot of resources looking at folks like myself (http://trendnemesis.blogspot.com/2009/04/15apr09-stab-in-back.html)...  Well, I guess maybe they should quit worrying about returning GWOT Veterans who vote Pro-Life and Pro-Gun and remember that the real enemies are coming from overseas with a radical view of Islam (well, actually its becoming a 'normal' view of Islam with the radicals believing in the peaceful coexistence with other religions, if the norm is the view of ones who control Mecca).

Oh, and all the while they are cutting the funding to the FAA and blaming the flight delays on Republicans for not compromising on taxation (when the REAL problem is spending on the part of BOTH parties), DHS continues to stockpile ammo that is already scarce.




Yup, they can buy more than two years worth of ammo, but you can't go to the store and buy more than a couple boxes as the demand exceeds supply.  Something tells me DHS is enjoying the opportunity, even if they deny it.  I bet you very soon that it will be more leverage to impose more Federal standards on State and local police and Sheriff agencies as they are also having trouble acquiring ammunition for their officers and deputies.  DHS can deny it now...  But when it happens it won't come as any surprise...

Just like how the Boston Marathon Bombing was committed by Islamic Radicals...  Any GWOT vet could have told you that after a mere 10 minutes of seeing the location of the bombs in relation to each other.  How many times did we clean up after that (or worse, get hit by that) in Iraq and Afghanistan?  Yet there were brainless talking heads comparing it to domestic attacks and saying 'it fits those evil white guy anti-abortion gun rights anti-tax terrorists!'  Yup, sure fit the mold of the criminals who targeted Federal buildings, abortion clinics, and individual doctors...  Yup sure does fit the pattern doesn't it (with the only exception being the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Park bombing in which the guy used PIPE bombs...  yet someone said pressure cookers were a 'favorite' of American "right wing extremists").

So, here are some more articles to make your head explode about how obvious these guys were and how the DHS that is more concerned about me missed the ones who actually want to kill us:


Boston Herald (not just on DHS/FBI/CIA watchlists, but also on the State welfare rolls):