24FEB2015 American Sniper needs no Oscars

American Sniper, the movie based on the best selling book by the SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle is the best war moving I have seen to date.  I don't give a damn what the Academy thinks.

Oscars pale in comparison to the awards this movie has earned.  America just is unlikely to realize it publicly.  I just doubt there are very many Iraq Veterans who won't connect emotionally with this movie in some way shape or form.

Taya Kyle, Bradley Cooper, Sienna Miller, and Clint Eastwood; I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the artistic masterpiece you all brought to life.  I watched the movie in it's eighth week here in Omaha, and the theater was packed.  This alone doesn't show how much of a masterpiece it is, but it does show how appreciated this movie is here given that it was opening weekend for another big name movie.

Know this, the intangible awards this masterpiece on film has earned run deeper in the hearts and minds of men and women like myself.  Emotional response to events similar to those we personally experienced or witnessed in Iraq, or more specifically, upon our return to 'normal' life.

Mr. Cooper and Ms. Miller's interaction on the screen in their roles as Mr. and Mrs. Kyle was indeed haunting for me.  I was able to see what my wife experienced dealing with me when I returned from Iraq the first in February 2006.  For once the world gets to see what that is like without the negative stereotypes Hollywood has made all too common since the 1970's in 'war' movies.  For once, I got to see a glimpse of what my wife had to put up with to some extent.

Re-experiencing some painful memories can indeed be exceedingly therapeutic.  In a lot of ways, that is what this movie can do for a lot of Veterans.

Mrs. Kyle, thank you for your gift.  Please accept my small offering of tears in lieu of a gold statue 'for best picture'.  

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