Normally I can't complain...

05FEB2015 1545 CST UPDATE:  Mayor ended getting this photo via her Facebook (Public Person) Page and responded with regards to further cleanup efforts that will be launching this evening, all night, and into the following morning.  We shall see.

Living in a city has its perks.  Unlike my time in North Pole (22 miles or so south of Fairbanks) Alaska, I get regular plow service from the public works folks along the streets.  They do a great job (and yes, it ends up costing tax payers more as a result) along the roads.

Just good luck, you are on your own with your driveway.  Never mind if you keep it clear and are diligent about ensuring that your snow ends up in your yard and not the city street...

Just like Fairbanks, one cannot dump their snow into the street, or they will get a bill.  Then again, this is Omaha Nebraska, where they are more civilized and will just have the police cite you instead of the barbaric practice of sending you a snow removal bill.


I did my due diligence of going out during the recent snow storms and shoveling my driveway and sidewalks.  I don't have much to do here as my neighborhood doesn't have many city sidewalks.  However, I made sure my snow was on my yard and not in the street causing the hazard.

This is how I get rewarded for my hard work.  I wake up and get ready to head to class only to find this nice big pile of plowed snow right in front of my Jeep.  At least, right behind where I parked and will have to back out of my driveway.  Yes, that puppy is about three feet wide and five feet long, a true prize snowball of midwestern Missouri River Valley snow pack!

Good job City of Omaha!  I'd have much rather you done nothing and left the road alone as everyone else's driveway along the west side of the street was similar.

I'm glad I am one of those self sufficient 'scary' people who likes to have my 'evil capitalist gas guzzling SUVs' with 4WD.  I plowed right through that baby which only left it compressed and still an obstacle for my wife's 2WD mini van.  This wouldn't be bad as she can park in front of the house, unless these go into effect:


"Here's a refresher on Omaha's snow emergency rules:
» If it's an even-numbered day, park on the side of the street with even-numbered addresses. That's the north or west side.
» If it's an odd-numbered day, park on the side of the street with odd-numbered addresses. That's the south or east side.
» “No parking” signs with arrows still must be obeyed. But if the sign says “No Parking This Side This Block,'' you can park there if you're following the even/odd rules.
» Handicapped parking spaces may not be used by any vehicle when parking is prohibited."
So, they really want my money through a citation one way or another don't they?  Blocking my clean driveway with snow from the street...  
Yeah, I'm livid.  Of course, I've contacted everyone I can complain to except the Police department.  I wonder if I can report this crime and have the Police cite the City for dumping snow in my right of way creating a potential accident hazard.  But then, that might create a conflict of interest.  Laws only apply to citizens, not the government or 'public servants'.
So it remains to be seen if the Omaha City Mayor's Hotline is worth it all.  I just got done clearing up to the seam of my driveway.  I can break through and make it to my afternoon classes alright.  Not sure the wife will be able to use the driveway though.
I'll leave you with another view, I risked getting hit by the morning school bus taking this shot.
This reminds me of why I would rather live far from any 'civilized' area and have to do everything myself.  

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